RedBull BCOne Challenge 2007 Finals

Duno if anyone watches these. You don’t have to be a B-Boy guru or anything to appreciate em. I’m not one by anymeans. Just love watching it and love the tracks they use for the battles. Anyway, the finals are this Saturday the 22. You can go to this site

and watch strems of past events, this year’s qualifiers and interviews/extras.

Check it out-

(Oh, talking like people know what it is lol. It’s an international Breakdancing competition. Think the SBO or EVO of Breakdancing pretty much.)

There’s no real one event that I’d consider to be as universally big.
There’s BCOne, UK Championship, Battle of the Year (although a lot of bboys are starting to boycott this event), Freestyle Session, Bboy Unit, R16, etc.

There are a couple things I don’t like about BCOne though: the battles are timed instead of going by runs. Timed battles are fine with crew battles, but for 1 on 1, it’s retarded and people get cut off mid-set. I’m pretty sure they’re not allowed to use copyrighted songs for the event either, so all the DJs have to make their own beats for the event, which is gay.

No, you can use whatever songs you want at the event. But when they make the DVD each year they have to use other music instead of what was actually used at the event because of the copyrights. So when you watch the videos from past years, the music that you are actually hearing isn’t what they were breaking to which is kinda odd since breaking is about moving with the beat and so on so it’s kinda weird that they would even release footage without the original sound.

Yeah, the timed stuff really seems noticable in the qualifiers. Dancers constantly being cut off.

While it seems very mainstream in its presentation, I love how it’s presented lol. Dramatic stage surrounded by fans. Awesome camera work (in the last recent years). I like it lol.

EDIT: Oh wow, didn’t know that hobbes8548. I could tell with some footage, that it wasn’t either the same or was edited in. Some battles do use the original music but it must not be copywrighted stuff.

Ah. I’m not a fan of stages. It separates the bboys from the spectators too much for my tastes. I prefer more of a jam atmosphere where people are seated on the floor around whoever’s dancing.

Yeah, that’s tight for sure, but half thee people arn’t able to see it :confused: