RedBull Kumite 2016 - April 23-24, 2016 - Paris, France


Everything you need to know to fully enjoy the event!

This week-end is Red Bull Kumite weekend: 16 international players are going to face each other in the cage of Red Bull Kumite.

The tournament will be streamed live for the whole world, with livestreams in several languages: English, French, Japanese, etc.

The full schedule of the livestreams with several time-zones is available here:

Both days, all the livestreams will be available from the same address:


Saturday April 23rd 2016: Open Qualifier.

256 players will fight their way through the last chance tournament to win one of the last two spots for Red Bull Kumite 2016.

The pools of the Open Qualifier:
The TOP 32 of the Open Qualifier:

Sunday April 24th 2016: Red Bull Kumite.

Don’t miss the opening ceremony at 2PM CET with the draw that will seal the fate of the 16 players!

Red Bull Kumite 2016 Bracket:


More information:

Official Twitter hashtag: #redbullkumite


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