Redemption: The Next Chapter-3/27/10-(Herndon, Va)-**Hyatt Place East**-Pot Bonus


Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet with my first tournament (Back To Basics), I am setting up to bounce back from that experience. Redemption is going to be bigger and better in all aspects. The new location is the Hyatt Place Herndon Dulles East off of sunrise valley drive. I’m going to pick up an Acer monitor to go along with the vizio from last time. I know there were some willing to help me out with set ups or what not. I’ll be opening up a limited number of spots for those people. Bracket system will be perfected and set up for display for all in attendance.

Address: 13711 Sayward Boulevard
Herndon, VA 20171
(571) 643-0905- thats the hotel number. I’ll post mine on the day of the event to minimize random people having my number.

Venue fee is $15 and $10 per tournament

Metro Accessible directions From the orange line head to West Falls Church stop, From west falls church head downstairs left to the fairfax connector side to take the 950 to the Herndon Monroe Park and Ride(there might be a 951 as well), from the Herndon Monroe Park and Ride I will arrange for the Hyatt Place shuttle to pick up people attending.

Once again if we reach 20 entries for any game I will be adding a TE stick on top of the pot, or $100 gift card to game stop. I will drive your @$$ to gamestop and buy it for you if need be.

and please bring your own controller and/or stick.

Let’s fill these pre reg spots so I have to buy some sticks for you guys.

payout: 70/20/10 in cash

Tekken 6 (ps3): 12:30 pm

  1. Jaguar

MvC2 (360): 1 pm

  1. Strogg
  2. EXIST

HDR (ps3): 2:00 pm

  1. Strogg
  2. EXIST
  3. Q.R.
  4. l2ichard
  5. Ganelon

CvS2?!?! 3:00 pm
2. MagnetoManiac

3S? 4:00pm

  1. Q.R.

SF4 (360): 4:30 pm

  1. Strogg
  2. BEazy621
  3. SmoothJK
  4. EXIST
  5. Umthrfkr
  6. MagnetoManiac
  7. Q.R.
  8. l2ichard
  9. raweriio
  10. KR21 stylez


Best 2/3 matches, Finals and Grand Finals best 3/5 matches

Round Time 99 Seconds
Roll Cancelling is allowed.
No EX Grooves allowed.
You may not use the same character twice on one team.
Ultimate Rugal, Super Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Evil Iori are not allowed in tournament play.
Switching the order of your characters during the loading screen is only allowed on your first match.
Winner keeps same team.

Akuma Banned

No game-breaking glitches.
If you use the ‘Switch Glitch’ to change starting team order, winner must keep the same order.

No programmable pads/Turbo/Macros. Button mapping to anything the game permits is fine. (PPP/KKK in SFIV and so forth)

*As of now times are subject to change but this will be the order of games.

More info to come

Hotel link :


I’ll be there, and I can provide hardware, just send me a message about it.

I’ll also be recording video of the games that I care about (read MvC2), and can do other stuff by request.

Also if there’s demand, I can bring my stick modding equipment, and dual mod your sticks. Let me know, people.


Iconz, you could have a very successful tournament but you’ll need more exposure to the community. Attend a couple of tourneys and from there, make friends so that we wont feel so out of place when attending your tourney.

Its very hard to show up at a tournament when nobody knows the director.


I’ll definitely be stopping by tournaments in the surrounding area. C3 is one of the closest but Sundays arent great for me since I work over night Sundays (11-7am). But trust me you’ll start to see me around. I’ll be at M.T.G. to get a feel of how they do things and when I can I’ll stop by other places in the DMV! We all have to start somewhere right?

@Strogg I’m going to get in contact with you about everything and I think it’ll be great to have some modding going on.


this looks like fun im in the area so i will most likely be going along with some good Tekken and Street Fighter player if this get any type of hype. As long as there are other people going for sure i will come along with my friends (about 8 of us) so get this hyped baby.


Oh trust me we will get some hype! I know I’m new and all but one thing I know how to do is take care of my guests and always improve from my last tourney. Hopefully some sova people will actually show me some love this time around. lol.


good luck Iconz

introduce yourself at C3, I usually make it every month.


Yeah, HAV, Purbeast, and I were at his last tournament. It was obviously a learning experience for him, but he took care of the players (Pizza wut wut), and was really good about listening when one of us made a suggestion. He picked everything up pretty fast, and I think he’ll do fine running future tournaments.

Some basic rules that are pretty standard, but should be posted, if you agree with them of course.

Akuma Banned

No game-breaking glitches.
Winner may not use the ‘Switch Glitch’ to change starting team order.

If you play against Strogg, you can only use your left hand for play.

No programmable pads/Turbo/Macros. Button mapping to anything the game permits is fine. (PPP/KKK in SFIV and so forth)


switch glitch is allowed, they just have to keep the same order if they win.


wow i just realized SF4 is on 360??? I play pad and will be out of place playing 360 pad. This is bad and was wondering why play SF4 on 360 instead of PS3?


I’ll be there again for SFIV an I’ll be a little early this time so no one has to wait.



Right… ‘winner may not…’


Because 360s are what the venue has.

There’s going to be a lot of situations where a tournament is run on xbox only, or ps3 only. (Evo usually happens to be ps3only) This is usually because what would you suggest doing in the situation where a ps3 pad player has to play against a xbox360 pad player. How can you fairly decide what happens unless you announce up front, and don’t have a bias? The same goes for stick players, though to a lesser extent because of dual modding.
There’s a few solutions I have for you:

  1. Buy an adapter ps3->360.
  2. Buy an adapter ps2->360 and use a ps2 controller
  3. Learn to play on stick
  4. Learn to play on 360 pad
  5. Modify your ps3 controller somehow so that it will work on 360 (Probably involves step 1 or step 2)

Most any tournament you find on SRK, or any other serious place (dustloop, meltybread, etc) will also ban wireless controllers, because of issues that they have caused in the past with syncing, games being paused by players who weren’t involved in the match, dying batteries, and numerous other headaches.

TLDR: get a stick.


I might come to this. I can help with dual mods unless you’ve improved your speed, Strogg. I also should have my own ps3 controller boards already made. I’ll need to give you one so you can enter my crazy stick modding contest.


I have improved my speed. And I think I do a really clean job of it too. Did you see my pictures of Raven’s stick?

The only thing that slows me down is silly stuff, like mounting the cthulu somehow touching the case screw so there’s a short only when the case is closed… that tooke me a moment or two to troubleshoot lol.


I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’m a ps3 man and only recently got a 360. I play on stick now but used to be a pad. I’m not going to tell you how to play but in my opinion I would recommend picking up stick soon just so you get the true feel of the game. We welcome stick players but you should try out the 360 fight pad that they have in stores. Also there is a lot more comp on 360 even though it hurts my heart that so many people choose 360 over ps3 haha. But we would like you to still come out. I got my butt handed to me cuz I’m still new to the stick.


Sf4 is better on 360. Not an opinion…

I’ll be at this one.


Clearly on 360


I posted the rules you brought to my attention Strogg. I forgot what else I was going to add but what ever it is I’m sure someone will remind me or I’ll think of it soon.


Good stuff. Nice and clean is what I like to see! I’ll have to try using some cat5 cable sometime.