Redneck lets His 8-Year-Old son Fire An Uzi and his son kills himself with it


His son accidentally kills himself with it after the gun recoils, sending a bullet to his brain.

Father of Christopher Bizilj, who Died Firing an Uzi, Was Urged to Let Son Use Less Powerful Gun - ABC News

longer video showing the recoil before the head shot.

Video: So Sad, A Father’s Worst Mistake! (Lets His 8-Year-Old Boy Fire An Uzi Submachine Gun… Sending A Bullet To His Brain)


someone beat you to it,…oh wait that was you lol


It’s the video games today. Too violent.


That’s why no one uses a Uzi in Black Ops.



They need more of these police sponsered gun fairs.


lol… sorry i’ve deleted that thread.


Wait…why is the gun expo organiser being charged over this? Why isn’t the FATHER on trial? Why isn’t the father being held responsible for not ensuring his son could appropriately handle such a weapon?

To be fair, the teenager at the stand should have put his foot down and refused to give the weapon to the kid, even after the dad demanded it. But in the end, the child’s safety was the father’s responsibility - instead he just put the gun in the kid’s hand and let him rip. Did he really think a 9mm wouldn’t kick back into the face of small child?


When you work retail, you aren’t really allowed to disagree with people. In situations like those, the employee is ALWAYS wrong.


i remember this news story from a while ago

blame the fucking piece of shit liberals

the father should be 100% responsible. this is all on him.


This is so very sad. :frowning:


Poor bastard.

As I see it.


It’s called grip, noob.


This was an expo, the guy should have told the father “no you cannot” and if the boss would have a problem after explaining the situation then he should tell it like it is and call him an idiot and quit.

I never worked retail in my life, but if I would have been that teenager working there, I would have been the guy who would rather lose his job than endanger the safety of an 8 year old. Fuck politics.


I HATE it when people do threads like “So blah blah blah happened and then…”. I really do.


Then why post in them. Just ignore them like I do. Oh wait…



… I wanted to.


srsly. parental retardation, this kids pops obviously has it.

i mean, jesus. who gives their kid an uzi and says HFGL???


Okay what’s the point of the prosecution wanting to play the video of the kid killing himself frame by frame??? Jesus…


i’m not sure. i’m guessing they figure it will cloud the jury’s mind with emotion, which will prevent them from making the logical choice of going, wtf why are we prosecuting the people running the expo? the DAD SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR MURDERING HIS CHILD.


Where’s the video of the kid shooting himself? I wanna seeee.


To make it 10x more dramatic. They really want the organizers to get charged. I don’t understand why the dad isn’t being held responsible.