Rednecks fool lesbians with fake prom


cliffnotes, those rednecks that cancelled the prom bcuz some lesbians were coming decided to tell the lesbo chicks the prom was at one spot…but on the low let everyone else now (sans the retarded kids) where the real shit was gonna be.


wow…messed up.


That’s mega trife. Like so much effort to humiliate another. They give the special Ed kids a W and the lesbos the big L.

But the ad for tuxes in the margin is funny


I could not stop laughing.

I like the look of women in dresses and men in tuxes. I do think that we should keep some traditions.


in life you sometimes need to accept limitations and conform for a little while if you want what everyone else is having


I love that they brought in the retarded kids too. It seems like the plot if a teen movie from the 80’s.


What the fuck, lesbians step yo’ game up. You just took an “L” from rednecks. Rednecks!


Wow apparently the power of electronic communication doesnt exist in that part of MS. Had such shenanigans happened anywhere else in the world, they would’ve found out before it went down.


Wouldn’t this cause a uproar in both the Lesbian and the retarded community now?

I know there must be some white soccer mom’s out there that’s a bible thump-ers (as fishjie would put it) who have kids with mental disabilities.


and sometimes,* in life*, people deny rights to certain types of people unjustly


A kid pulled the same shit on me back in 2nd grade. Felt real bad. Never forgot it.

To have an entire school do that to you with your prom? I’d never get over that. Dicks.


She should’ve just wore a dress. Why the fuck did that stupid bitch wanna wear a tux for? lolz shit is funny though they put them in another prom with retards lmfao!!!21


epic trolling.



Would a redneck genocide be a bad thing?


Inbred fucks will go great distances to keep things the way they are. After all, who can blame them? Its a well known fact that if a girl brings another girl to prom the universe itself will implode and all reality will be undone.



That’s pretty funny. I wonder if she stayed with the retards or not.


That’s a hell of lot of trouble to go through just to keep a kid you don’t like from coming to your party.

Keep it classy, Mississippi.




Sums it up nicely.

But don’t worry I laughed too.


I’m just puzzled by the fact that rednecks managed to fool anyone. Usually it’s the other way around.