Redoctane case...again *sigh*

What would be the best joystick to put in such a small ass case…Considering all the tools i have in my house, i am lackin a router. So this is giving me a headache seeing i want to put an american joystick, like a comp or p360 w/wico stick. Anyway can someone help. Oh also is there a way i can get jap buttons in it, if im stuck having to you sanwa joysticks. :sweat:

You are talking about this right? I’ve had a bunch of them and the most need is a power drill to switch out the stick to HAPP p360 and jap buttons fight right in if you just shave them down a bit.

This one I modded has p360 and Sanwa buttons.

If you have the one with 8 play buttons, you are gonna need to put a sanwa stick in there, or make the bottom bigger. Happs will fit in that one pictured, but there is not enough room for them in the newer one. This is what I usedL a sanwa JLW.

I put a circular restrictor in it and put a bat top on, and I was good to go, with happ competition buttons. To put sanwa buttons in it, just widen the holes a little bit till they are right under 30mm. There was a big red octane thread, but those things were sold and peaced out a long time ago. They went on clearance for like 20 or 30 bucks or something like that.

Yeah, I didn’t see that link Mikei. The one in your picture is the older one, and the link is the newer model.

Yea i was going to do that but i need cant seem to find a spacer bigg enough to throw on there. And i didnt know there had two completely different versions. sigh I guess im stuck with a sanwa joystick til i can afford or make a similar case.

I have the 8 button one. I bought a dremel tool to make my happ comp stick fit. I had to do a little work to the bottom cover too.

Please explain…

you need to add something to make the bottom lower, so the happ stick won’t make contact with the bottom. I took strips of wood to mine.

I sanded the bottom of the cover to make it fit. The bottom of the joystick will rub if you don’t do it. I think final_cut’s idea will work better for you.

Man, Since i replaced my bottom with plexi…i gotta put that crap back on. Well from what i see my joysticks base was to big to do that…but then again i was using a wico joystick. Ill have to wait til my comp stick come in the mail