Redondo Hills players? Anyone?

I’m in the area on vacation, and I’m wondering if anyone else is out here in Redondo Hills/Torrance. I’m staying at the Ramada on Highway 1, just off the Pier.

My number is xxxxxxx if any MVC2/3s/CVS2/ST/GG players are interested in a few hours of gaming.

What’s your availability? And are you willing to venture to local arcades!?

I’ve been going down to the arcade at the pier to play SF3 and Super Turbo, but I’m leaving tomorrow morning. I’ll be in San Dimas to visit Raging Waters.

Wish I had caught this earlier. Should’ve given me a call!

I played a pretty decent player there, giving him a handicap by taking the right side (iffy up-left, no low block on the left side, and no HK), and playing on the left side on the AE cab (no block on right side, no horizontal charges)

If you saw me at any time, I was the medium-height short-haired blonde kid playing black Ken and SA2 Ryu.