REDUCED: 2-player Happ PC USB arcade stick , PSX DS PCBs, Happ buttons

HanaHo HotRod SE two-player arcade stick, stock sticks and buttons replaced with Happ competition sticks and buttons. Stock PCB was dead when I got it, replaced with i-Pac VE USB keyboard encoder. Very sturdy, heavy stick, housing is in very good condition, great stick for PC arcade gaming. $90 plus actual shipping.

Click here to see a picture of the stick

Next is an X-Arcade trackball, in mint condition, in the original box. Functions as a three-button mouse, 3" ball, left or right handed layout. SOLD

Third, I have two Sony Dual Shock Playstation PCBs. This is the version that allows for a solderless hack. One of the cables has a tear in the outer sheath, but the internal wiring is perfect. Both PCBs are tested and guaranteed to work perfectly. I will also include several wires (28-gauge, I believe) that should work perfectly for wiring the pads. I will also include a Radio Shack 8x5" plastic project box, brand new condition, if you want to make the PCBs modular for connection to a custom stick. $15 plus actual shipping for these items.

Finally, I have 16 concave Happ buttons; 14 black and two white. All are guaranteed to work. $10 plus shipping for all of them.

I accept prepayment by PayPal (fees extra), certified check or money order only.

Trackball sold, everything else still available.

prices lowered on stick and PSX PCBs.

Pis of the pcbs? / You willing to ship to the Uk (obv ill pay shipping)

PM sent.

kill2this - I’ll take pics this evening, and send them to you.

ShinAkuma204 - replied to your PM, thanks.

Bump, been off the site for awhile due to PC problems. All items still FS.

kill2this - if you still want pics of the PCBs, let me know. Thanks.

so is it 15 for both pcbs or just 1