Reducing the TE button spacing


So I recently got a Madcatz TE stick and I’m finding the 30mm button spacing is a bit large of an area for my hand. I was looking to convert the stick to more of the hitbox button arrangement sans the stick (I will get a seperate hitbox later) as the 24mm button layout with my hand having to cover a slightly smaller area to get to all the buttons is perfect for me.

Not sure where to go exactly as the LLC plates only seem to have the 6 button or hitbox layout with the 24mm button arrangement type I’m looking for but again the 6 button is missing 2 buttons i want and the hitbox is missing the stick and as mentioned before I will get one later. If someone could guide me where to go for this I would be very appreciative.


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Make your own with the panel builder.


I’m pretty sure blklightning21 would happily do whatever layout you requested. Check with him on his project LLC thread.

Alternatively, you could get an acrylic custom panel from tek-innovations. Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

Be sure to read the useful information regarding replacement acrylic panels on the website.


Thank you Nerrage,

Yes dark i can help you out no problem, I am actually going to be making a last call for custom ordering panels for round 2 soon as the custom order number is 15. Right now it is at about 13, just waiting to hear from some others, with your addition it will be 14.
As you can see in this pic

The panel on the bottom has 24mm button holes and are spaced like the hitbox spacing but was made to accept an LS 56 joystick.
This is a panel that was custom ordered by a fellow srker who also might have had the same feeling as you with the button spacing. So if this is something you are looking for let me know and if it isnt let me know what you need and i can make it for you.


I will probably go with the LLC custom panel, but I was wondering if you had a to size template for one with 24mm buttons and a setup for the JLF stick so I can make sure it fits how I want it to before I set my decision in stone (steel).


yes when people order from me i provide a template for them to mess around with and then they place them how they want and i transfer it exactly to the CAD drawing.

So let me know what you want on the template, it sounds like a jlf and 8 24mm button holes.

Do you like that spacing in the above picture with the 24mm attack buttons. It is the same as the hitbox except the last two buttons are moved about 2mms upward. Just let me know and i will make you a template asap


Dark template.psd
Here you go i made a template for you really fast, mess around with it and let me know how it suits you. I will be with the baby for a little bit so i wont be on here to respond to you right away but i will be back on in a couple hours.


looks good but what % size do I view it at where it would be as if its the actual plate? 100% seems waaaay too big to be the proper size representation. Just looking to get a feel for the button placing, though basically the same thing as the regular TE but with the tighter spacing 24mm buttons allows should be perfect.

couple of other things, snap in buttons or screw in? does it matter which, and which would you recommend? The art should be which dimensions should I choose to put art on it.


The open space that you see in that template is the exact size of the metal panel. When viewing i usually view it a about 25% i can get a good feel of it when viewed at that percentage however i would suggest actually printing it out. Best if you have legal paper, but you could also print it on regular paper, just make sure the buttons are on the print when printing since it will clip off what wont fit on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet. when you print it you can then place your hands where the button and stick are located and that can give you a good feel for where you would like your buttons.


Looks good. I have a few questions still though.

  1. Does this panel work with both snap in and screw in buttons? Which of those types would you recommend?
  2. What are the ideal dimensions of the artwork for the plate?
  3. Do I have until you reach 15 orders to get you the artwork or should I find something now if I choose to get artwork?


Snap ins will work, and it’s best that you use snap ins, because the small spacing you want will make it hard for the nuts of screw in buttons to screw in.

For a template, use the TE template here: You can delete the holes for the buttons in photoshop. Then apply artwork, and you could also put the arrangement of the buttons you’d like to get an idea of what it would look like.

I can’t speak on behalf of blklightning21, but I feel pretty confident that he’d give you time to work on your template. For his sake, though, I’m sure getting it earlier would be appreciated so that you don’t hold up the other orders if it takes longer to get your template finished up. Edit: I see he gets artwork and panels separately done. That makes sense. Silly me. As you can see, take as long as you want on artwork.

  1. Yes it does, i recommend snap in because it is a metal panel and snap ins work beautifully with metal panels.
  2. the dimensions of the panel are 323mm x 195mm with rounded corners like you see in the template. You could actually place your art in there, print it out and cut along the template line and it would fit perfectly on the panel.
  3. No you can take as long as you want for the artwork. when i reach the 15 orders i will take the money for the panel and will have it cut but that does not mean you need to rush your artwork. You can take as long as 3 months if you need i will just have your plate ready for you.
    Any other questions please feel free ask I am more than happy to help.