Redwood for sticks?

Hi everybody, my parents are having a fence built and there’s going to be some left over lumber so I was thinking about using it along with some random buttons and controllers i got laying around to make a stick. I was wondering if redwood is ok to use to make the case? I know redwood has some natural acidity to it so I was wondering if it could pose any problems. thanks

your reading too much into it. Redwood is fine. just be careful because it’s super light and weak and splinter easily. I made a super light redwood stick. once. Works great.

Though i’d recommend you get some harder wood for your first stick.

thanks for the advice. reason i was concerned is because the redwood in my house ate through a pipe so i wasn’t sure what it would do to the parts of the stick. I’m not planning on building anything fancy, I just have left over parts from modding my SF anniversary stick and a pcb from a controller with a broken analog stick so i was thinking about making an arcade stick just for the practice.