Reflective Evening

A quiet night comes before me.

La Cherie La More? Stevie Wonder? That’s playing in the background.

My head is on two, green plad pillows, as the body arches between them and a bed with similar covering. Beige walls surround the bed island as the final day beam of light shine through the opague curtains. A window was to my right, open.

Ambience. Sweet ambience.

Small gold claws are seen on the walls. The pillows had a brown plaque above them at about four feet from my position. There was a small plate of yellow on the wooden item. Two olive leaves in gold were on the item in question, encircling an emblem figure. A green, cursive “E” was shown in this particular focal point. Follwing it was a golden square, with engraved scriptures of words. A date was here, with a title.

“Computer Science” it read. My name was also there, too. Beneath it. It had some meaning. Looking at the effect was time’s way to rewind itself for me.

tap tap tap.

Where friends were plenty. Where things were simple. A hazel skinned mistress’ voice in song to remind me of old teen lust admiration. A bald man of chief stature. A tear sheds from me at his image. My imagination was the Etch-And-Sketch of my older reality.

tap tap

"Make your day count… " recesses from a speaker of my black and white projections. I could hear it.

tap tap

As clear as day.

One leg of mine was the hill of the plad bedsheet, while the other was down and more relaxed. Washed jeans were the attire. A bit of movement came from the foot’s end as I continued my business. Across from the ends was a workbench of sorts. Messy. A stack of white CD-like cases occupied the back of it. Another more colored group followed it. Nintendo seemed to be the theme of those two piles as both piles of cases were marked with it. Images and titles took to the boxes. Books also plagued the work space. Magazines of guy calibur also took the space. A shelf inside it carried more small rectangles. Some with cartoon characters of times forgotten. Also, more books. Worn. Next to that was imprisoned paper in bindings. This was where letters yelled comands.

tap tap tap tap tap tap

Next to the work area, a box followed its’ right. The box was a foot at least in parimeter. RCA was in white on here, while the rest of the box was gray. Teeth were missing from its’ 10 button grin. The throne of the box was brown, made from a fake tree’s endtrails. Accompanying the king, was its’ queen. The misses was a white box, with four holes at the side. She had a black, horizontal hash box to sit on. An orange triangle was her small crown.

tap tap tap tap tap tap

The washed out blue shirt was at the high end of the jeans. On that was the work spread. Two rectangles joined together. One at near 0 point of the “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” position, while the other part of the comptraption lay on the jeans hillside. Two hands crossed the board there. The nails worked fast with an eminating light that reflected the vision I was stuck to stare at. The noise continued.

tap tap tap

The beam reflected onto the door…

tap tap tap*

… until the light was…

tap tap tap

…no more. The beige walls became gray.


…Thus, I ended my writing practice at 8:45.