Reflex hack custom stick woes :(

I’ve made my first custom stick using this Tut:

Things were going okay once I restarted and Just wired the stick as close to the orginal wiring as possible. But now I have these issues:

Start won’t work. Only Start and Back pressed at the same time work for startish. In Third strike this of course soft resets the game.

Also the The green “B” works as if “A” and “B” are being pressed at the same time. Which means consant EX moves when you hit ROundhouse.

The only thing I had to change was use barrier Strips to make the wires longer for the Start and Back Buttons. I used no soldering for the whole thing. All done with disconnects and some extra wire. Is this the cause of the problem?

And will I have to bite the bullet and use a soldering iron?

Any help in smoothing out the bugs in my stick would be fantastic. It’s driving me potty! :looney: :annoy:

First, go thru all the wires you used and make sure none of the exposed ends are in contact with each other. AT least from the A and B buttons thing, it sounds like it is making contact somewhere, giving you a short and making it like the 2 buttons are being pressed.

A and B are shorted somewhere and I dunno, but I guess your ground wire from start button is shorted to the signal of back.

dude I’ve hack 4 of them with 2 giving me the same problem as you nothing was touching I check everything with a multi meter I had to toss the other 2 good luck

From the website you posted above:

Yeah, that’s what I tried.
I didn’t use common grounds for any of the buttons, I used the black ground wires that were orginally used. EXCEPT for the Start and Back buttons. The Wires were far too short so I had to use connecters and extra wire. Also Start and Back share the same single ground on the orginal controller, which is what I imagine to be causing my woes.

Is there a way to bypass the back button altogether and still keep Start?

Also cheers for the tips so far guys. The B button isn’t touching A and is still acting up. At least my C groove team of Sim, Bison, Ryu without any trouble.