Reformatted a laptop and put Windows2k on there. How do I get it to network?

All the network/internet options are it assuming I have dial-up. :confused: Is there a certain driver I need or something. About to install the latest windows2000 service pack. Please don’t hate on my Windows2000 affinity, it’s all I have in the way of OS install discs. I’m just not sure how to get this thing on my network. I tried wiring it up to my router and I’m just not sure how to like… make it… find my network? Any help for a dumbass?

Control panel - system - hardware - device manager
Let us know what Network adaptors you have listed, and any devices with a yellow marked ! by them. It may not be able to set up your network card properly.

I’m a bit confused. Do you mean dial-up as in 56k? and in the later part of your brief, you mention network with router?

Motoh is saying you may be missing drivers that you need to install, i’m not sure if you are missing drivers for a 56k modem or a network interface adapter.

Oh, duh. Forgot to install router drivers. But now I’m having issues because I download the driver and it’s an image file .bin or .iso. Guess I’ll mount it with daemon tools but what a pain. Why is it not an executable? I’m so confused.

Okay so I got all that, one more minor question.

Can I hook my laptop up to my tower, which has the wireless adapter, and use that to get on the internet? I only have one wireless adapter and would like to get this laptop on the internet while not being out in the living room where the router is. I’m trying to get them to recognize each other in the LAN but as you might have guessed I’m not too bright when it comes to networking.

If your tower has a wireless adapter, it means you have a wireless router. Why not use the notebook’s wireless adapter to connect to the wireless router? Don’t have wireless built in to your notebook? Just purchase a cisco PCMCIA card.

What router are you using?