Reforming Team: Need advice


Hello all,

I’m currently a mediocre Marvel player at best, I compete with friends and if there were any nearby tourneys I would participate, but that’s beside the point.

Currently My team consists of
Amaterasu (cold star)
Akuma (Gohadouken)
and Captain America (charging star/stars and stripes)

I would basically like some insight from better players then myself on maybe reforming my team a little. I know I wish to keep Amaterasu because I like using her and am decent combo wise.

Akuma I use for hyper damage and combos but feel that sometimes I get caught mid combo by a quick crouching L or something, should I consider a different character here to fill the slot or just stick with Akuma?

Cap I use mostly for zoning, which is a little strange and admittedly shield slash isn’t the best projectile, but he’s simple and just a character I picked up. There are characters with plenty of other better projectiles in the game, was wondering if anyone felt like giving any insight on who to look at…

Thanks in advance.


[Tier Whore] Replace Captain America for Wesker. If you want to use him for zoning, Wesker does it so much better.
That, and Wesker goes great with those two as assists, DHC Glitch, THC, etc etc.[/Tier Whore]


Replace Ammy with Wesker, Dante, or Viper, Akuma with Haggar, Cap with Phoenix and I think you’re good to go.


There’s a team making thread for these kind of things