Refrence for artists


ok, i think this should be made a sticky.

i wanted to start a thread where people could request refrence photos that maybe they were having a hard time finding, and others here could help them out, and post them.

for example i need either a photo or a site that shows extreme hard lighting, with deep cast shadows on either a face or hands.

maybe a pick of someone lighting a cigarette in pitch black. or a flashlight on hands in pitch black.

i have no digital camera so i can not shoot these myself.

like some of you i have stacks and stacks of magazines, and files with single pictures labeled “trees, feet, cars. etc etc”

but even with this stuff sometimes you can’t find what you’re looking for. so i figured we could all help each other out. huh?


that’s a really good idea. why is everyone ignoring this thread? i don’t have any pics on this comp so i can’t help you out there.


great idea, j. umm i don’t have any pics like that and the computer i always use is fucked up right now so i couldn’t show ya even if i did, but there is a book by HOGARTH called dramatic lighting and shadows that might help you fudge it. or the school has digital cmaeras you can borrow out so you might wanna check that angle too. but it might be a lot of hassle for one picture. acyually you might wanna ask leland to borrow his, he has a pretty good one.


Even if I had photos I wouldn’t share cause they are too uber leet. Just joking. Actually I just look for ref off the net. yeah sometimes you don’t get what you are looking for, so i gotta bum a digicam off my bro. I’ll slap in some once in a while. To be continued.:eek: :cool: :smiley: :slight_smile:


hmmm…anyone else looking for anything?


Porno that shit up

I use pornography.



this site is amazing. i looked through ll 4370 photos. found some good stuff.

yes there is some nudity


awesome art collection