Regaining Jumps and B Moves

I’ve never understood whether or not you get to use your jumps again after being hit. Does it depend on you current percentage? Or power of the attack? Do you always get another B move?

It honestly seems random, but I could just be messing up in desperate moments.

It would really help my edgeguarding game if I knew what my opponent could do after being attacked.

Any knowledge will help.

You get another up+b for getting hit.

When you’re hit & sent flying upward, you should DI back to the stage. Don’t use your jump. Your opponent is likely to edge guard you & hit you. If this happens, you’re sent further & you won’t be able to recover well enough to make it back, but saving your jump allows you to come back, plus an up+b can get you back on stage or holding the edge.

Let’s say you jump went you’re sent flying, you only have the option to DI back & up+b. No jumps are given to you since you already used it.

Don’t use your jump unless you really need to (get sent flying downward).

Its doesn’t depend on your percentage or power of the attack. It depends on whether you use your jump or not. & jubeh is correct. You get another up+b, but you don’t get another jump assuming you used it.

If you’re grabbed from you’re up+b while trying to make it back on the stage, you get thrown back out, you get you’re jump back.
In Melee, Falcon’s/Ganondorf’s up+b gave you the ability to use you jump again if used. Not sure if thats still the case in Brawl…

Hope this is clear & helps.

actually grabs in brawl don’t give you your jump back

Really!? I coulda sworn I got my jump back when I was grabbed. Maybe I didn’t use it. :confused:

Also, keep in mind that attacks that don’t damage/stun you (like Squirtle’s Water Gun (B) and Mario’s FLUDD attack (down+B)) won’t give you your Up+B back (Use these to edgeguard, people!!)

I think you mean Down+B (the kick), and it doesn’t give you your second jump back in Brawl.

Ganon and Falcons Up B allowed them to Up B again, while their Down B gave them their second jumps back.

the down b to get your second jump back also doesn’t exist in brawl

Keep in mind, you only get your Up-B back as Falcon and Ganon if you actually grab someone with the first Up-B.

:wgrin:So you never get jumps, but always (practicly) get a B. Thanks.