Regarding Brawl into EVO

I mentioned a while back about how Brawl played and it’s possibility if EVO picked it up. Now that I’ve watched a full tournament take place today, I wanted to share some more thoughts.

by the way, this was played on an import, so who knows if this all stays the same in a month when the US version comes out.

First off, as I mentioned before, if EVO picks up this game, it will be the new Longest Game. It’s not an IF, but a certainty, after watching today’s tournament.

I’d say the average round in Melee (4 stock) is about 3:15. Today’s average round in Brawl (3 stock) was about 4:00.

KO’s in Brawl, from what I saw, were tougher. I saw a lot of guys at 125 percent and higher staying alive easily. And the new characters like Pit and Snake have some deep recovery moves.

Things will probably get quicker as more people play the game and learn strategies. Everyone who played today had played the game for about 48 hours.

Just wanted to give my thoughts so far. I’ll have matches on my site throughout the week so you can see how some of the Melee tournament players adapted to Brawl.


Is there the ability to play with stocks and a time limit?

About half the people at yesterday’s tournament wanted to run with final smashes. It was turned down. It might be one of those things where one or two tournaments will have to buckle just to see if it can work. I’d like to see it in play at least twice just to get an idea for it.

5 minutes would probably be the limit you could go with a 3 stock tournament. I don’t remember too many rounds going 5 minutes, but almost every round I’ve encoded so far has been 3:50 or longer.


Looks like we’re running it at one life one minute matches.

why would people play without final smashes?

I doubt that would work because several characters can’t get KOed easily at 100 percent like you can with Melee. It seems like 130 is the breaking point. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, some characters have lengthy recovery moves. It might have to be 3 stock 6 minute matches. However, it’s just one tournament, so we’ll see what happens next month.


once again ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

We are aware of the time concerns, and it will be discussed after the US release where some of the staff that dont want to import it, get a chance to evaluate the game.

I would say play it like SSF2T

I don’t play Smash competitively, so my word may not mean much, but the only way you can activate a Final Smash is by hitting a floating object (I have no idea what it’s called) a mutliple amount of times. That could possibly add to the random factor (spawns at different times, different areas, sometimes it breaks within 2 hits, other times 10, etc.).

The other reason could be that some Final Smashes are just hard to avoid if at all. Some require you to be right next to the opponent, others can affect the entire stage.

But these are only my guesses, as I’ve only played the game for a few hours.

its too early to tell. but i think the game for tourney use needs to be spiced up a bit. stocks and time need to be brought down as well. id say 2, 3 max.

2 stocks so it is equivalent to most other fighting games which use 2 out of 3 rounds.

Make that shit 2v2. HOT!

Final Smashes are too random and yeah…the competitive community just isn’t going to allow them I’m sure. They basically pretty much strip the game down to hands and feet on a stage. Which to get rid of all the random variables and keep things strategic…that’s really the best thing to do.

There is a tournament in Oregon this weekend that will use final smashes. With a lot of Pac-NW players to be in attendance, a few ranked in their states, that might be the event that gives us an idea of if it should be allowed into play.

btw, every tournament I’m seeing so far is going with 3 stock 6 minutes.


I’ve asked other Smash/Brawl players to comment here so hopefully they do.

There was another tournament held yesterday and I wanted to share some more thoughts.

Most of the players from the first tournament were at this one. The time for each round stayed about the same, 3:50 on average. The rounds that were quick were because one player had experience and the other was a first-timer to the game.

To speed up the tournament, some of the matches were held with 2-stock rounds. Here’s where I’m going to be a loner – I had no problem with it, and I enjoyed it.

Nearly 99 percent of those participating said it sucked, but that’s out of history with the game.

Their reasoning was that, in a 2-stock match, the moment you SD or get KOed, you’re in a big hole and you’re going to lose. My comeback to that was that, the Melee community has never experienced 2-stock matches, so many of them get that first stock to “warm up,” then they go about their way. If you lose one of 3 stock, you’re not worried. If you lose one of 2 stock, you’re scared.

Once I get done formatting the videos, I’ll have some stats on 2 vs. 3 stock matches, but I believe it’s a considerable gap.


I had a few things I wanted to add about how I think the rules are shaping up:

I support the idea of best of 3, 1 stock matches, with 2 stock being the absolute maximum, but I would urge the time limit be set to 2 minutes, or else you could get players going for hard to KO characters and trying to damage-camp every match they play. I think the low stock, while much different from the usual Smash community tournament, has merit in the EVO setting.

A few of you might take exception to this, but some Smashers always struck me as curiously crabby about the stock issue. The notion of an SD effectively screwing your chances of winning a game isn’t so different from any other games. One misstep in Guilty Gear could mean losing half your life bar or more, or in MvC2, a whole character or more, something that can be quite hard to come back from. IMO, Smashers currently languish in their 4 stock cushion knowing that a mistake or SD isn’t going to end their tournament on the spot. But there are outside factors here, like time.

I’m torn on items, particularly since AZ here says that containers still explode. AZ, to clarify, do you mean that turning on a number of items automatically includes containers or that turning on containers (which I was under the impression they were separately switchable) automatically introduces the explosive ones. We already know that exploding containers, if not extricable from the rest of the items, breaks the bank for them all right there. The remainder of the items issue I’m not touching. People have too many conflicting views about what it is that is or is not conducive about item play.

Stages I would suggest a wide array, if not all stages. Many people have notions of what would constitute a tournament-worthy stage, but there have been a lot of gameplay changes from Melee, and I’m not convinced that the old standards universally apply.

I can’t think of anything more at the moment, but I might have some more ideas later.

Capsules can be turned off, the crates that explode are the ones with big flame symbols on them correct? Which can be turned off…

I just wanna say that you should try to not be too influenced by the Melee community, if you end up on the same page by accident, I will support that. Please explore all possibilities of the inclusion of Wiimote based controllers.

okay so its like this i play GG and ST
but i used to play melee and from the looks of it
2 out of 3 is of course fine. im all for less stock beacuse looks like brawl is gonna be a slower game. So either 2 or 3 stock, 1 is too few for time it depends on the amount of stock. If its 3 stocks 5 minutes, if its 2 stock 3 minutes. If there is’t any time constraints i would prefer 3 stock 5 minutes but if there are, the other option is fine too. As for items they defenatly have to be off, items in brawl just look to strong in general so most brawl tourney’s are probally gonna ban them. Other than that eveything is fine