Regarding choosing characters

I notice a lot of people say to choose characters that fit your strengths? However, what about a character that’s strengths cover your weaknesses? Like let’s say your bad with mixups:You pick a character who’s a really good mixup character etc. As for your strengths, you find a way to apply it to the character. Thoughts on this?

If you are bad at mixups then picking a character with good mix ups means one of two things. Either A. You will find yourself getting better at mixups and keeping your opponent off balance or B. you simply won’t be getting the most out of the character you could be, there by gimping yourself.

Unless your character has strengths in what you have strengths with also, you’ll see your play break down vs very good opponents who utilize all their characters strengths.

First things first, play characters based on enjoyability. If you play a character you despise simply because they’re top-tier or you think they’ll do better, you’ll have no fun in the long run.

Aside from that very obvious preface, I think that it’s more beneficial to take characters based on your strengths. When you play a character that fits your playstyle not only will you perform better but you’ll be able to spend your play time filling in the “gaps” and learning to cover your weaknesses. If you take a character to try to balance yourself out as you said, such as one that’s strengths lie in your personal weaknesses, then you’ll be a little better well-rounded but unable to focus specifically on improving any one field. You’ll be left trying to cover more “weaknesses” than necessary.

I just go with whoever I find cool

If he’s too horrible/unworkable against players that know what they’re doing I may not main him but I’ll still use him

Having fun/liking the character is essential to me, since I only play for fun

Nah. I’m shitty with rushdown characters. Me picking a good rushdown character just means I’'m not taking advantage of my character’s strengths. I’m not going to suddenly be able to do a good rushdown if I pick a rushdown character.

Well this too! But lets be honest, getting your ass beat with a enjoyable character won’t stay enjoyable for long.

In the end though try them all out. Generally speaking, if you find a character you really like it is probably because their moves click with you and you will be good with them.

In the even this is not the case (like with me and Makoto) then practice a lot, be patient, and once you have it down it’ll be woth the effort.