Regarding Cole McGrath


Hey guys, I’m just here today to talk about something that I came up during bath time today [it’s incredible how you can come up with things like this while taking a shower…].
So, I was thinking that Cole, the exclusive character in SFxT would have it’s gameplay similar to reality in a game such as this.
Think about it for a second, how awesome would it be? Ionic vortex as one of his hypers, also, Ionic Storm. His air dash could be similar to Amaterasu’s but instead of creating a vine, a power wire would come out of nowhere so he could just ride it.
Also, don’t forget how the cutscenes from Infamous 1/2 are comic-like ones.
C’mon, I don’t know if you all agree with me, but this game overall seems just the one which fits him better. A game that have characters with covering-screen beams would sure fit better the awesomeness of Cole McGrath.

Anyways, thanks for spending the time in reading this!


Assuming you’re talking about that guy from inFAMOUS, I’m pretty sure he’s not a Capcom charcter.


I know, but what I wanted to discuss here is how he seems like a character that would fits waaay better in MVC than he will in SFxT…


Marvel would never allow it


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