Regarding Darksydephil's recent tournament win


nothin to see here


You gotta be kidding me with this…


I don’t like DSP. He’s really arrogant. And defensive. That’s just my opinion of him, but I’m sure he’ll come in this thread on his high horse and call us all jealous that he gets paid for playing games badly. Maybe if he didn’t act like the world owes him something all of the time, he’d be cool. For now, he’s just an above average fighting game player and a good ST player.


Did anyone really expect anything better fro DarkScrubPhail?


So some dude says some throw away shit with no real actual importance to anything meaningful, goes back on his word, and wins a day 1 tournament?

I have no fucking clue who this guy is btw.

So… Why is this thread exactly?



I hope I don’t get infracted for posting that lol. I’ve never met the fellah but he definitely reeks of scrubbiness. I wouldn’t waste my breath on him.


For shits and giggles apparently.


who cares