Regarding GG:AC team swapping


  1. SIMON YOO, Jamarr Lewis, Mario Mejia
  2. Elvenshadow, Kevin force, Dennis Quiba
  3. Cue, Alex Garvin, Klaige
  4. Bob Washington, Malice, SH

1st: KJunk, poon, fubarduck
2nd: asianhitler and Marn
3rd: shadow_light_7, crimson disaster, pozerwolf

1st Team Chaz (Chaz (IN), Andrew (KY), Flash (JA))
2nd Team Marlin (Damian (AB), Jamie (TE), Marlin (ED))

EVo WEst: doens’t matter, same teams because we didn’t know about this rule.

A sampling of some of the teams at the event that kept their seeds to my knowledge.
Bob Washington, CUE, ???
Jamie Austin, Digital Watches, ???

Sadly, going to the rules page gives you absolutely nothing on this subject, yet when you ask EVO staff before EVO Main, it was a resounding “You must keep your team for EVO Main.” If you didn’t, you would lose your seed.

Now, AT EVO Main, I asked some players why they were on other teams. Turns out, half of EC wasn’t going and the staff decided just to let players swap teams if they had already qualified. If I had known this rule, I wouldn’t have kept my team. I would have kicked the third member off and gone with a stronger player.

Can I please get a response from EVO Staff about this?

After we had a meeting in Vegas about this issue, it was decided that teams could infact redesign the teams because of the new game.

After the decision was made, I announced it in the ballroom.

It was kind of disappointing to hear about this after the fact that the tournament was over, but I suppose it couldn’t be helped if some people were not around when it was announced. Overall I thought it was a poor decision, but I understand the decision regardless.

I’m hoping that this won’t be effective next year providing GG is still teams or in the Evo line up next year.

Can you confirm or deny the statement above, Wizard? :o


There will be no planning Evo 08 till 2008, im on a 5 month vacation.

Haha! Understandable after what you told us at Vegas. Have fun. :smiley: