Regarding Melty Blood AA: CC and Netplay


Anyone know how to use the netplay? Is there anything special I should be doing? I keep getting an Error F005 (there’s additional stuff, I’ll look it up and update in a bit).

I really like the game, but I feel like I don’t understand anything about it (how the hell do people combo other people into the sky?). I don’t have the disc, so if that’s an issue about using the netplay, could I use a different, older version of Melty Blood to play online?



Did you try acquiring a legit copy of the game?


I’ve only been able to find copies at 150 and up. I’d spend the cash if it wasn’t so exorbitant. That’s why I mentioned older versions of Melty; if I could play online with an older, cheaper one, I would. Or if there was a way I could get the game without spending an arm and a leg on eBay.


I have Melty Blood act cadenza ver b I uploaded to a website you can grab, netplay works fine if you use Hamachi. Been playing with my gf~


Care to link us?


This is not the place for pirating software. You will be banned for doing so.

If the rights are unclear, work with that company.