Regarding new releases and tourneys

So I don’t know how exactly how they handle this in other games, but since we’re going to periodically have new characters, how is that going to work? Mortal Kombat has a grace period between release and character use in tourneys doesn’t it? Hopefully we can do that too.

Depends. Historically Capcom players/TOs don’t give a shit about when a character releases. As long as they aren’t broken they usually let them fly from day one. Holding out characters from tourneys because they are new seems to be something that other games tend to do, but it’s never really been like a Capcom thing. I guess part of that is because Capcom hasn’t really dealt with much post release DLC since you’re always forced into it with a new disc until now.

I don’t see any reason why Capcom should follow NRS or Iron Galaxy rules regarding the DLC characters. As long as Capcom does a solid job balancing the characters (and no SFxT game freezing glitches) I don’t see why it should be a problem. As far as advertising goes as well I think it’s best to have the new character shown at the earliest possible point they can at a tourney or major. Purposely hiding characters for unfamiliarity or OPness I think detracts as you only get viewers wondering why no one is playing the character they just downloaded.

Rules are up to the TOs at the events. Evo has a 5 week period, CEO has one week. Both are premium with Evo being the cream of the juice box.

Final round is going to have to make a decision now that we know Alex will be available next month.