Regarding putting MC Cthulhu on a PS3 SE

I found out that the PS3 PCB versions are all in one package, instead of the 360’s main board in a certain area that is unoccupied on the PS3 version. Can I mount the Cthulhu on that area instead? I might switch up with the Cthulhu when I’ll get frustrated with PC incompatibility of the Madcatz PCB.

EDIT: On second thought, can I mount a Fightpad PCB on that area too? Granted, this is a bigger hassle (dual modding), but I won’t have to worry about PC compatibility.

You can put PCB anywhere you want.

You can put Cthulhu where Xbox 360 TE PCB would be at, yes.
You can also fit a FightPad in the same place.

Well, ideally I’d like to mount it properly on the standoffs, not just hanging or glued somewhere.

The big TE board is much larger than the Cthulhu, so its not like you’d be able to just use the existing posts and the four mounting holes on the cthulhu directly. If it’s worth it to you to do the extra work, you could get a very thin piece of laminate or plastic (sacrificed cheaper rubbermaid type container or lid?), cut it to a size that will cover the four posts, drill holes to screw the plastic to the posts, and holes to mount the cthulhu to the plastic.