Regarding the Delayed Shipments

Is anyone else still waiting for their copy to arrive? It’s been over a month, and I STILL haven’t gotten mine. This is utterly ridiculous. Also, has anyone who ordered from Newegg gotten their copy yet? Finally, does one have to have ordered the game directly from the Capcom Store in order to receive the free strategy guide? It’d be really crappy if I waited over a month to get this game and then didn’t get compensated for the trouble in any way.

A: Maybe?
B: We don’t need a new thread in the MvC3 forum as regards retailer troubles. =
C: Yes, absolutely. It’s their apology for an error on the part of one of their vendors. They’re not responsible for the plagues in Egypt.

If you’re still waiting, follow up with whomever you bought the game from. Nobody else really benefits from this type of thread. =\