Regarding the Hori EX2 buttons

I bought this stick about a month back for $60, and with less than a week of casual play with it, the X button became overly sensitive, sometimes to the point of activating a command without even being pressed, or by shaking the stick a little by inputting other button commands ( I play with it sitting on my lap). I don’t push hard or slam buttons at all. The force I put into my presses are around the same as an average key press on a keyboard.
The sensitivity problem has become so prevalent that games are just about unplayable because it’s always going off.

I know a lot of people here think the stick is garbage, but I would still like to try and repair it while ordering a new one. By doing a string of searches on the tech forums, I read posts about the buttons becoming desensitized, but never overly sensitive. I hope I didn’t miss some posts along the way, and thanks for any help.
*If it helps any, the X button sometimes makes a more pronounced “click” noise when going down, and also feels like it’s pushing past a small object on the way down compared to the other functional buttons.

You should open the joystick and take a look.

I used to have the same problems with that stick. Only it was with the Start and Guide buttons on the EX2. Best advice I can give is to open the back panel up and start messing around with it. I don’t mean start ripping wires apart or yanking them.

I unscrewed the back panel and can see the buttons. Is there any way to snap them on and off, so I can check under them? Or would I need to solder them back on after.