Regarding the infinite by babygirlsdreams. is the infinite doable after a full combo into TAC?



or atleast a half assed combo? because the only way im getting the second webzip+S is after a Launch, jump, H, Exchange “combo”.

if thats all the combo i can do before exchange then ill just say dam it and wiff S into an UWT reset or something.


Yes. It is a true infinite.

Is it worth risking? No.


im gonna need some evidence… the only videos that show the infinite, shows it after a simple launch, a.H, exchange combo.

and i do half a full combo with Magz and i cant get the second web zip S to hit… it always wiffs…

but ill give it another shot. regardless a light just illuminated in my head for some alternative combos using that wiff air dash+a.S tech(stun deterioration dont shaft me now~)


You already got it wrong if you’re dropping the second zip OTG jS.

The first zip jS is actually does a hit stop glitch, meaning it’s a cancelled animation of the hard knockdown jS. It’s hard to time because Spidey’s jS only lasts for a few frames unlike easier infinite TACs which ends with normals with longer active frames (ex. Doom jL). The next part which is zip OTG jS should also be landing frame cancelled as well as every ending part of the web swing loop.

It’s possible to do Spidey’s infinite from both up and down TACs (I’ve done it) but getting the first part (zip jS) and the second part (to start the loop) correctly and consistently is very difficult and not worth risking in a match.


i see… well ill throw together some alternatives and keep the combo in practice