Regarding Xbox Live performance

Hi guys,
Just need a bit of information to see if adjusting my router is needed. I just upgraded my broadband and with it comes a new modem/router combo that I MUST use. I plugged my xbox in and the diagnostics connection shown no problems. I think most players can connect to me when I host a game but I seemto have lag issues during the after hours like between 5pm to 10pm. I understand that those times are likely to peak times for xbox network and such but does opening up more ‘ports’ help? I mean I didn’t bother opening up any ports on my new router config (not that I am keen to do so, I’m not too tech savvy when I comes to networking) and my xbox seems to function bar the performance issue at peak times. I have no problems during sleeping hours like midnight to the early mornings.
Any thoughts about this?


What kind of broad band internet you have? DSL, Cable, Fiber optic (known as Fios with verizon) ?

Also is anyone else using your home network for ANYTHING, and what they are using it for?
Torrents, Netflix and other steams will bogg your system down.

Also computers with malfunctioning network cards are known to “Chatter” causing the network to slow down.

Also having a Mac on a mostly windows wireless home network will cause slow downs(for our purposed of networks, Xbox 360 is considered windows machine)

If the problem is mainly between the hours of 5 and 10, it’s most likely an issue with your provider not having the bandwidth available to accommodate all the users. To confirm this, you can go to early in the morning and again at 6 pm. If the numbers for download and upload speed are significantly lower during the hours of 5 - 10, that would support my theory.

As far as router settings go, your best bet is to change the NAT setting to open and change the wireless channel to an uncommon one like 6 or 7 (most use 11 by default). I can’t help you out with making these changes since all routers are different but your ISP should be able to assist.

Also try

Thanks guys, will try to open some ports for what’s worth and see how things go.

In addition to checking if it’s network congestion, is your wireless secure?