Regency 9-24-2005 Results


Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. Combofiend
  2. Genghis


  1. Combofiend

Third Strike

  1. pyrolee
  2. Mike Watson
  3. Amir

It was a good tournament with a pretty good turn out. Sorry for the bare-bone results but thats all I remember.


amir let me win, k thanx… gg to everyone


what was the turnout?


wtf happened to HURRICANE GENGHIS


3S was using a 32-player double-elimination chart.
MvC2 was using a 16-player double-elimination chart.
GGXX was 10 (or 7… 3 had to leave midway through) players round-robin.
CvS2 machine was down and out.


how many entered for marvel?


13 entered marvel

and the right side won the tournament


God damn Regency Marvel sticks suck


rfc lives up to its’ name…really fuckin crappy sticks/center. oh well, shit was still dope even though everybody was fuckin up during the tourny. hahaha. oh yeah, mag cable tron is boshit.


mag cable DENTRON is dope though.
i hate yun/chun