Regency CvS2

theres been 2-3 regular cvs2 players on saturdays, among other days. anyone interested in coming to regency for cvs2? im usually down to play if someone’s playing~


This guy almost gets top 8 at Evo and decides to start a CvS2 thread.:rofl::rofl:

jk, <3 clock.

just saturdays? Do you go during the week?

i play a little cvs2 :tup:

Regency is too far away for me these days. Come to Denjin, that’s where it’s at right now. Most importantly, that where I am right now. Please come up here instead.

Decent comp in CvS2, or average?

Is the cvs2 machine in good condition?
Sticks/buttons/sound/screen ?

Dude, it’s Shogo’s arcade. Everything is awesome. H2H cabs with Sanwa everything, it’s fantastic. I think there’s a tourney for everything this Saturday. Come, yes?

I was referring to Regency.

Regency has decent sticks and buttons for it, I’ve heard no real complaints from it.

Oh actually, I take that back. Some dude complained to the manager when he was 720ed out of his roll, so I guess it’s fucked. lololololol

the setup is good. i dont think enough people play on it for it to get fucked up heh

would like to go to shogo’s arcade but its really far to regularly play at for me ;( are there alot of marvel/cvs2 players there?

ed: lets play sometime ;b


you should learn marvel before you learn cvs, clock

Who usually plays CvS2 on Saturday nights? Any names known?