Regency Fun Center 2/7 MvC2 Teams/GGXX Singles Results

MvC2 (14 Teams of 3 = 42 players)

  1. Team Ultimate
    Jaminis X (BH/Sent/Tron)
    Harry Potter (Storm/Sent/Cyke)
    Soo Mighty (Team Santhrax)

  2. Team Zorg
    David Lee (Team RowTron)
    Clockw0rk (Sent/Strider/Doom)
    Aero “Junior”(Storm/Sent/Cyke)

  3. Team South Gate
    Joe Bal (Sent/Storm/IM)
    Ferny (Mag/Cable/Cyke)
    Julius Jackson (WM/IM/Doom)

  4. Team Scream
    Papa Trunks (Storm/Cable/Doom)
    Def1n1tely (MSS)
    Croe (Storm/Sent/Cable)

  5. Team Dean
    Magnus (Team RowTron)
    Taiji (MSP)
    Mike Ross (Storm/Sent/IM)

  6. Team RUN
    Devil X (Sent/Strider/Doom)
    Chaotic Blue (Storm/Cable/Cammy)
    Combofiend (Mag/Sent/IM)

  7. Team Shiznit
    Max (Team Santhrax)
    DC Static (MSP)
    Rio Tha Hero (Sent/Cable/Cyke)

  8. Team Winners
    Justin K (Gambit/Morrigan/Sonson)
    Wes (Santhrax)
    Ytwojay (MSP)

  9. Team Power Destroyers
    Eric Perez (WM/IM/Sent)
    Mr. Power (Mag/Storm/Doom)
    Ken I. (Scrub)

  10. Team 420
    Havok-TG (Scrub)
    Dr. Spr0cter (Mag/Jin/Doom)
    Phat Toi (IM/Cable/Sent)

  11. Team Nindo
    Nindo (Sent/Cable/BH)
    Preston Maly (Scrub)
    Craig Simpson (Hulk/Thanos/BH)

  12. Team Scat
    Justus (IM/Cable/Doom)
    Def (Storm/Sent/Cyke)
    SelfScience (BH/Cable/Cammy)

  13. Team Random
    Vinsaniti (Santhrax)
    Mike Z (Tron/Jugg/Doom)
    ShinErik (Storm/Sent/Cammy)

  14. Team Hogs
    Amir (MSP)
    Paulee (Santhrax)
    Rockefeller (Scrub)

GGXX (14 Players)

  1. Combofiend (Bridget/Axl)
  2. Chaotic Blue (Jam)
  3. Ken I. (Potemkin)
  4. Wesley (Faust)
    5)Def1n1tely (Millia)
  5. SelfScience (Anji/Dizzy)
  6. James (Eddie)
  7. Jason Gong (Sol)
  8. Def (Eddie?)
  9. Party Boy (Sol)
  10. Mike Z. (Potemkin)
  11. Justus (Venom)
  12. Qwazy (Anji)
  13. Pulsr (Eddie/May)

Highlights: Team Ultimate was never sent to loser’s bracket. Potter beat everyone he played against and only lost once in the Grand Finals to Clockw0rk. Soo didn’t play till the grand finals(That nigga looked bored :lol: ) thanks to Potter. David Lee beat a few teams by himself. Josh’s Mag is really good and so is Taiji’s but that’s a given. Joe Bal surprised a lot of us with his breakthrough performance in MvC2. In GGXX Combofiend was never sent to loser’s. And even with me beatboxing his theme on the megaphone, Party boy didn’t do so great in GGXX :frowning: (You gotta play more nigga)

Good tournament, hope all you had fun.

dope tourney, gg’s to all…
David l got served.

3rd place is team south gate
Joe Bal

joe b alone beat everyone in team scream by himself, them cats got 4th

man this tourney was fun ass fuck, so many upsets and almost everything was going wrong, and my iron man doesnt pc

Good job guys. still serving cats i see.

David lee is still the truth.

Yeah Team South Gate did get third. Props to my bro, Julius J, and my hero Fern Boi, for holdin it down for SG.

That tourny was pretty dope, I’d like to see a few more team tournys in the near future.

Also, Props to Kenny for runnin a good tourny (despite a few minor errors:rolleyes: )

One last suggestion for the next tourny, when you write down your team you probably shouldnt change it half way through the tourny coughpottercough:lame:


good shit to team ultimate and zorg, and to kenny for running the tourney

team ultimate are beasts!!! props to all who placed… Must have been a hella fun tourney:cool: L.A= BEASTLAND!!

dope ass tourney i had fun and like my team mates dr.sprocter and phat toi said lots off upsets and lots off turn over every one was nervous and surprise wins with ma homie cracker joe taking out a whole team by himself that was a fine moment everyone cheering him on props fool and hope more off those tourneys in the future and props to j.j and fagget ass ferny to kicked some ass and represented the home turff:bluu:

lol, i don’t see the problem if i didn’t even play, b4 i switched the team. heh. If i did then that woulda been a problem, but i dont’ see it as one. =]
hat0rade must taste good…

edit: i also did it because i got there late, and i didn’t know Soo was gonna use santhrax as well…

edit: more of these should be thrown, got more ppl for this than singles.


damn stop beasting…


heya gg to everyone i played in marvel and ggxx. props to joe bal for beating our whole team! wowie wow

good job to kenny for running a cool tourney! u should get like an award for that or something. and yeah team tourneys are cool.

and yeah our team got 4th. 3rd was joe bal’s team. Papa Trunks used Storm/Cable/Doom and Croe used Storm/Sent/Cable

5th was tied between Team Run and Team Dean

Chaotic Blue (Cable/Storm/Cammy)
Devil X (Sent/Str/Doom)
Combofiend (Sent/Mag/IM)

Team Dean:
taiji (MSP)
The GreaterForce (Storm/Sent/IM)
Magnus (team row)

and the rest of ggxx results i think were:

4th Wesley (Faust)
5th Me (millia)
5th Selfscience (Anji/Dizzy)

good job again kenny, and thanks!

I just edited the first post with the full results.

And about potter changing his team, his team hadn’t even played their first game. When he asked soo who he was gonna use, and soo said storm/sent/capcom, he came straight to me asking if he could change commando for cyke, because he didn’t know soo was using commando and didn’t wanna use the same team. They hadn’t gone up yet, so i let him change it. Don’t see what the big deal about this misunderstanding was.

Motherfucking Word on that one!!

gg’s to clock and junior. the only ones i got to play against. frontline was too damn strong.

ahahha crazy beat boxin beat box the ruin theme!

p rizzlest hold it

wow ruin never let me down is dope

I told u i like when hes like “lets take it to church” its a sick ass track Jay fucking ripped it and kanye just came correct loving that av