Regency Fun Center Monthly - So Cal (1/10/04) - MvC2/CvS2 Results Thread


MvC2(32 Players)

  1. Manuel Bermudez Jr (Aero) - MSS-A,Storm/Sent/Cyke
  2. Peter Rosas (Combofiend) - Mag/Sent/IM, Mag/IM/Psylocke
  3. Harry Potter (picolo) - Team Scrub, Santhrax
  4. Julius Jackson (Dumb_Ass_Combo) - IM/WM/Doom, Cyke/IM/Doom
  5. Tony Romero (Trance Man) - Team Row
  6. Daniel Maniago (Clockw0rk) - Sent/Strider/Doom, Storm/Strider/Doom

CvS2(24 Players)

  1. Peter Rosas (Combofiend) - A-Rock/Rolento/Eagle, K-Rolento/Cammy/Sagat, A-Eagle/Rock/Bison
  2. Eric Choi (Zim) - A-Blanka/Sak/Bison
  3. Tae Hong (Taesty) - A-Rolento/Sak/Blanka
  4. Albert Nguyen (PiGaDoKeN) - P-Yama/Cammy/Sagat, P-Yama/Vega/Sagat
  5. Daniel Maniago (Clockw0rk) - K-Bison/Geese/Sagat, K-Kyo/Geese/Sagat
  6. William (Drizzt01) - A-Sak/Athena/Kim

Really exciting matches and really good turnout. The finals were really crazy and junior provided some eye candy, as well as julius and kaising, both of them with amazing on-point Cyclops.

I apologize for the condition of the CvS2 cabinet and for making loser’s bracket 1 game only. I promise that next time we’ll have at least 2 CvS2 cabinets, and that way we’ll be able to run 2 out of 3 the whole way and the sticks will be way better.

Thanks for coming out and look out for the thread for next month’s tournament.

Edit: someone correct me if i got any of the teams wrong or if i’m missing anything.


thanks for running the tourneys man. Probably no more socal tourneys for me for awhile but keep it up.

I got beasted my Peter… damn you fiend~~


ne vids?


good job potter…you’ll get’em next time


good shit!


good job keenywood.

i had fun, and i personally liked the arcade-setup. it was roomy, and the pizza place next door was top tier.

however, sticks were pretty shitty. i’ve played on most cabinets, but sticks on cvs2 and ggxx were really weird… they look and feel perfect, yet the diagonals weren’t responsive enough…

people played ggxx and did random standing dusts and shit, and cvs2… no need to say anything.

mvc2, i had no problem on the middle machine, but people said small machine also had some trouble with diagonals…

despite the stick problems (and cvs2 screen sucking ass), the tourney itself was really great.

when i arrived at 12, there were TWO people signed up. i was all worried and shit, but it ended up with 25… that’s a great turnout, imo.

and single game loser’s bracket wasn’t too bad. even though 2/3 is more fun (whee, more games~) but i’m 'used to playing even winner’s bracket as best of one…

all in all, great fun.

good job to all tournament winners and good job to all RUN beastards.

junior’s sentinel is nice.


gg’s to you foo’s on ggxx.


good shit to Julius Jackson and Junior!


gg’s to all.


damn, i missed this tourney. i hate work!

i still was able to make it and palyed a few games in wiht some people (dasrik, pots). good job to everyone who placed yesterday.


sticks were ass. but it was a decent tourney.


<3 your avatar :smiley:


Why oh why did I pick Morrigan on Peter?

Magnus’ Iron Man is a beast. The only IM that scares me outside of Julius. Well maybe Peter’s is good too but it only shows up to do PROTON CANNON and then DHCs into Sentinel. Haha.



goodjob junior, potts, and dasrik - Soo


LOL. thanks alot Dasrik. I love you concept teams that are able to dominate. Morrigan/Blackheart/commando is too damn good. GG’s.


I still can’t hang with the l33ts.



keep practicing nikka!

gj to junior, stop beasting!


GG’s 2 everyone

Tourney was mad fun, alot of people showed up so thats always a good thing. Even though the sticks and/or buttons are weird. i saw some people lose to some fucked up ass shit. cant wait till next tourney. and fa sho that pizza was bombay.

peace ~1~


Fa sho dawg, that shit was tight. I straight Jwong’d it for a good 20 secs.