Regency Fun Center WCC Team Tourney Results

I lost the brackets so i’ll post them as accurately as i can from the top of my head.

MvC2 (6 teams)

  1. Team Dip$et
    Chunli’s Pimp(IM/Cable/Doom) Harry Potter (Santhrax) Phat Toi (IM/Cable/Sent)
  2. Team Fetus
    Taiji (MSP) Mike Ross (Cable/Storm/IM) Magnus (Santhrax)
  3. Team Random
    Justin K (Morrigan/Gambit/SonSon) Fernb0i (Mag/Storm/Doom) Tony G (Sent/Cable/cyke)

CvS2 (6 teams)

  1. Team RUN +1
    Combofiend (K-Cammy) Amir (A-Rolento) Evil Elvis (C-Sagat)
  2. Team pikachu
    Eric Wang (K-Sagat/Cammy) Sam???(K-Athena) Eric Choi (A-Blanka)
  3. Team Hotties
    Ken I. (A-Mai/P-Gief) Kennywood (K-Blanka/Hibiki) Archie Tan(C-Kyo)
  4. Team Zot Zone
    Dentron (A-Sak) vasAZNion13 (K-Maki) Dreadlord (C-Iori/Sagat)

GGXX 4 Teams

  1. Team NSJ
    Hang (Eddie) SelfScience (Anji) Def1n1tely (Millia)
  2. Team RUN + 1
    Ken I. (Potemkin) Chaotic Blue (Jam) Combofiend (Bridget)

3rd Strike 4 Teams

  1. Team RUN + 1
    Ken I. (Makoto) Amir (Dudley) Combofiend (Elena)
  2. Team 5 Star
    Tearbane(Ibuki) Shogo (???) Yi Wang (Ken)

Thanks to everyone who came out and i’m sorry for not being able to have complete results. As soon as i find the brackets i’ll update this. Sorry if the tournament seemed a bit unorganized at times, but i got outta work hella late and went straight to regency and was rushing at times. Hope everyone had fun and i’ll see everybody in a few hours.


Air Hockey (2 Players)

  1. Selfscience (South Goal)
  2. Kennywood (North Goal)

Total Pot: $10
Final Score: 7-5

Selfscience, after being down 4-3, comes back with a 4-1 run, to win 7-5. And to Kenny’s surprise, it seems Selfscience used to be in some fucking gay air hockey league, and used to play seriously. Good way to hustle, you homo.


chunli’s pimp in team dip set!!, haha gg petey picolo

that shit is too bomb. NSJ holdin’ it down in guilty gear, mvc and air hockey!

NSJ movin’ crowds like big pun stage divin’.

hahah i suck at air hockey. but im still down to play for money again today…anyone?

but yeah tourny was cool. hopefully hella peeps show today.


good shit last night. much love to justus “freeride” balentine for holding it down. and of course denys owned. and for once my vanilla coke tasted like fucking vanilla coke. DIPSET DIPSET DIP$ET

peace ~1~

gg’s everyone gfgfgfgfggffg


nice work team cherry bawls skeet beach pie


Except with kenny. Yes you kennywood. RE we shall.

damn,wish i coulda went…team no sleep woould win it for free…me bill and deuce are fucken insomniacs:D

I brought a camera today so I could take a picture of Mike Ross and Chris Schmidt standing next to each other before the world exploded. Chris was nowhere to be seen, yet mike was around. :eek: :eek: MORE PROOF THEY’RE THE SAME PERSON

a belated GGZ to all

The tournament ran fine, but some of the people spectating were quite rude. If the fighting game scene mostly consists of people screaming like 8th graders and stepping on people’s shoes without saying anything, then let it die…

sucks when the annoying apples in the bunch manage to ruin something that is supposed to be fun…who were those guys, anyway?

BTW, i really suck…another tourney where I went nowhere. I’m not gonna enter another tournament, ever =(

…unless it’s free