Regency Fun Center WEST COAST CHALLENGE Results - 06/19/2004

MvC2 32 Players

  1. Harry Potter - Santhrax
  2. Taiji - MSP
  3. Aero - MSS-rp, Matrix, Santhrax
  4. ytwojay (MSP)

GGXX 18 Players

  1. Ruin- Eddie
  2. Chaotic Blue - Jam/Johnny
  3. Ken I. - Potemkin
  4. ID - Sol

CvS2 16 Players

  1. Combofiend - K-Rolento/Cammy/Sagat, bs teams 'till finals
  2. PiGaDoKeN - P-Yama/Cammy/Kyo/Sagat
  3. Brood - K-Sagat/Bison/Blanka
  4. Kenjiro - K CBS

3rd Strike

  1. Pyrolee - Yun
  2. Paul Lee - Ken
  3. Combofiend - Elena
  4. Yi Wang - Ken

-Combofiend has a sick Rolento and decides to let us pick his characters in CvS2 up until Winner’s Finals.

-Vegas beasts on GGXX and on the chick in the blue =O~

-Potter takes Winners Finals 3-0 and Grand Finals 4-0.

-Pigadoken is Parry KING

-Pyrolee IMO #1 in the US in 3rd Strike.

-Yi Wang gives me the silent treatment

-Shogo and I are sick pervs.

-Ken I. sends C. Blue to Losers bracket in GGXX, but loses to him in Loser’s Finals.

-Super Mario Bros. theme ringtone on the megaphone is great waiting music

-After getting feedback from the community after the tournament and talking with Steve, I decided to keep on running tournaments and keep on working towards making Regency a spot for the community to go just for the love of Street Fighter. (In addition to Family Fun Arcade, of course)

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and those who made a long drive too, with gas prices and all. Special thanks to Vegas for driving all the way down to participate and hope everything was to your liking. Great talking to you guys and perverting all you a little, haha. Congrats to everyone who placed and see you guys July 24th for the next Regency tournament.

Potz = Beast of Azhkaban

btw i’m falling asleep on the keyboard, so APEX will be posted tomorrow. I’ll post and link to it, when i post them on APEX

Good shit Potts…

nice meetin ya ytwojay
and good to see you again ruinz

I would just like to send my support out to OCV Krew member and close friend Brood for taking a strong 3rd in the West Coast challenge…good shit bro u are reppin the crew no doubt…Congrats to mah nagga Combofiend too…U want an S rematch??? lol…good shit though…and props to those who went and played…wish I coulda been there…Im outty…stay up playaz!!!


Good shit Albert, fuck yo’ couch!!!1 Kenny’s tourneys are always dope, I wish I could’ve been there.

5 free dollars, courtisy of Kentaro

romel is a beast

regency sticks are my herosaviorcacaaguada

kenny runnin tournies like a BEAST
keep the scene goin dood
good stuff


Damn, I think it’s obvious now who the secret EC player was. It was THE HYO, AKA THE PASSION, who only disguised himself as Potter! How else can you explain the raw. unbridled BEASTING?!?!?!?

Seriously though, good shit Potter! I’d see you at MWC, but you’re not going :frowning:

Combofiend beasted with K-Kyosuke.

The best part is, I have video. :smiley: Look for it when I get Finest KO dot com back up at the end of the month hopefully.

ggs to everyone. ytwojay came back the fury, he was playing bananas yesterday, i got mad lucky, gg’s.

gg’s ace: show them at mwc!
junior: gg’s doggy, and thx for playing me for money, we need more of this on wc. =]]

ruin: stopping ripsettin everyone with dino head, that shit is wrong. =[[

gg everyone. cheeser tha monster.

ruin, junior, selfscience, u down?

Thanks for the support B, OCV for life =P

gg pottana, purple city, dip $et, you already know.

Anyone record vids?

great tourney as usual, thanks for running them kenny

gg’s to potter, junior, jay and everyone else

mike: stop smiling

good fuckin game. Denny’s crane game stick > regency sticks

GGs to Potter and Ace. You guys are fuckin monsters.

And nice meeting you, dios-x aka Mr Boobies. =]

kenny: <3<3<3<3<3<3 thanx for runnin the tourny and using hibiki instead of sagat.

brood: gg’s, fukk cr fp…shit is over rated. lol. =]

combofiend: i hate ur rolento more than cammy/sagat…gg’s.

fernina: thanks for the holy coin…shit worked.

potter: dipset dipset DIPSET! good shit at first.