Regency Fun Center's Marvel Tourney 03/08/08

First of all, wanna say thanks to all the people who made it out. You guys put on a good show, i only wish some one could have like recorded some of the matches to post on youtube or somethin. Entertaining matches, glad to hear that for once the small cab was preferred yet sad that the other big cab wasn’t working well enough. Also sorry for taking so long just to start up, we really didnt know what we were doing for the most part till mike came around.

Anyway, heres the results, well from what i remember anyway:

1st: Finesse
2nd: Y2J
3rd: Mike Ross

7. dark prince

all the other places i dont know, nor remember. the uh clipboard with the brackets suddenly went missing…:confused: If anyone else would like to post more from what they remember, feel free to.

Big thanks to mike ross and kai. mike for basically running the shit for us, and kai for figuring out that whole ordeal with a missing entrant. Thanks again, and from the sound of it, most of u guys weren’t really interested in the xbox? so i dont know if i should just do that another time or just scrap the idea all together. Lemme know u guys.

thanks to wes with the rest of the results

good shit top 3!!

and props to KAI, making that $$$$$$$$$$

Good shit dude, I’ll try to make it out next week too

Felt good playing all my boys from the old UCI crew for the first time since Zot Zone went down. You guys have gotten mad good. Keep up the good work. You guys are so cal’s best kept secret not named calvin or ricky.

GG’s everyone. Damn Y2J for beating me in winners and losers.

damn you guys actually threw the tournament, i saw no one posting in the thread so i didnt show up but anyways good job to top three…

gj to finesse, come by burbank again on tuesdays, we had some good games.

Yeah, there were actually around 22 entries. Pretty fun tournament.

Thanks to Mike Ross and Kaising for helping out. Hopefully the next tournament will be more organized and maybe Mike’s bracket will be a bit harder.

GG’s everyone. Damn Finesse for beating me in winners and losers.

Good Stuff Y2J, 9494949494949!





That’s way too many games. I only do standard MMs.

I’ll accept if you do first to 100 for $1. Play for the big money or don’t play at all, you know what I mean Mike Ross??? Don’t make me bring out my secret team of mscyke! Been working on that team since 2002, it’s finally ready.:tup:

Tell Papa Trunks I’ll see him next tournament, first round.

Good Shit Top 3.

OMG my Nigga finesse is back…
finally the champ is here

You have a deal…

Actually I made the brackets already for the tourney next week…

1st Wes
2nd Papa Trunks
3rd Y2J
4th Wes
5th Wentinel

good shit to top 5, see u guys in april

blockable lasers

Good shit to Papa Trunks taking 2nd at next weeks tournament.

So i take it no one cares for the XBox? i dont mind having the regular tournaments its just if we give away the xbox there’ll be no cash prizes. We can give away the xbox but it needs to be paid for which would come out of the pot money. It’s up to you guys.

cash prizes are the best way to go imo

Let’s not let Mike Ross touch the brackets ever again. It was UCI vs UCI every match and Mike Ross vs random every match. And in GF, it was Mike Ross vs Mike Ross, how did that happen???:rolleyes:

btw Kai: Good shit on making that money.