Regency getting upgraded?!

so i work at one of the surrounding gamestops near regency, and a customer mentioned today that Regency arcade is getting a SFIV cab, a tekken 6 cab, and replacing that large tv that host the bulk of the MVC2 matches with a nice plasma (lcd maybe). Anybody in the surrounding area hear anything similar? (and supposedly this is all going to happen over a months time.)

also to clear confusion, this is the Regency arcade on Carson St. in Lakewood, CA

That be F**ken sick if it goes down like that…

Fucking doubt it. It’d be beyond nice. But I seriously fucking doubt it.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

I hope it doesn’t happen. Street Fighter 4 would bring a lot of retards and kill the spot even more so. I sincerely doubt they’d replace the mvc2 because it is bringing in all the money right now. 3s is dead, it’d be a stupid move on their part to replace marvel.

I hope they get rid of the big one on the showcase to the left of the main marvel cab.

changing regency again? wtf seems i everytime go, the fuking cabs are somewhere else :rolleyes: