Regency Marvel Tourney Week 2 - 03/15/08

Thanks again for all who showed up. Good games all around, pretty entertaining the whole way through. Here’s the results made much easier cuz the brackets we left intact:

  1. Y2J
  2. Regency Rob
  3. Dexterous

  1. Blockable Laser
  2. Luis
  3. Black Juan
  4. xyumeyx
  5. Iron Scrub

good job to top 3. practice up kiddos. next week is iffy. but we’ll see as we get closer. I’m thinkin of just holding one once every two weeks. good?

y2jay!!! <3

Hate you Jay … :arazz: :mad:


Next week we should make it quadruple elimination so I can beat you 4 times :rock: