Regency Monthly - 5/23/2004 - MvC2/CvS2/3S


MvC2 (19 entries)

  1. Combofiend - Storm/Sent/IM
  2. Harry Potter - Santhrax, Scrub,Storm/Sent/Cyke, Mag/Sent/IM
  3. Mike Ross - Santhrax?, Storm/Cable/IM, more, i think
  4. Wesley Matsui - Santhrax

CvS2 (12 entries)

  1. Combofiend - A Eagle/Rock/Bison, K Rolento/Cammy/Sagat
  2. Eric Choi - A Blanka/Sak/Bison
  3. Amir - A Sagat/Blanka/Bison
  4. ZuggZugg - K Geese/Cammy/Sagat, C CBS, A Geese/Iori/Bison

3rd Strike Round Robin(7 entries)

  1. Paul Lee - Ken
  2. Combofiend - Elena
  3. HungBee - Oro
  4. Amir - Dudley
  5. Ken I. - Makoto
  6. MikeMenace - Hugo
  7. Kennywood - Yang

Very fun tournament. Congrats to the winners. Not as good of a turnout as i hoped, but i guess we couldn’t compete against Church and the Lakers game. I hope that the sticks were better this time, than last tournament.

The June 20th tournament is going to be pretty good. MvC2, CvS2, GGXX & 3rd Strike, $10 entry fee. The thread will be up this week, so mark your calendars. GG’s to everyone and thanks for coming out and showing support.


sticks were definetly better, no complaints cept for the way i beat mike, should of been 3-0. haha. jk. GG’s tho mike, SHAKE HANDS. I heard you got thee call today and you answered with shock knowing it was the one and only. to the grave, to the fuggin GRAVE…


good shit potts. I knew you’d get 1st.




thx Soo. I knew i could too.


Potter sucks… =(


i hate you and everything about you. We are doing money matches next time, $50 a character, not game, $50 for every character killed and forThe Grave. GG shake hands. To The FUGGIN Grave



Good times at the tourney.:slight_smile:


good shit to my ho fiend, my son potter, and the homie mike aka chris #2


Zug- I like to catch some games with you at EVO since ill be able to use my pad I felt so limited at the tourney since I’m a pad player. GGS I enjoyed playing you anywaz good shit


Make the check out to Peter A. aka Tha Pott$

Erik: shouldn’t you be looking at ppl’s profiles so you can msg them on aim? gg.


LOL you keep that shit to yourself… :sweat:


ok baller…