Regency SFAE

I want to get good on the sticks in the arcade cuz I grew up playing on the snes, ps, and xbox(this one sucks balls but i hold my own, gamertag JFIVEFOUR for the ST beta for anyone online) d-pad. I watched all these evo players on youtube and noticed they use the joystick even on consoles, those guys are sick with it and pwned everyone. I played the ST version on the AE cabinet last tues. vs edwin and he was using balrog, good matches, and i am excited to become a regular there. cool well im in vegas for the weekend but ill be back to the long beach lakewood area next week. anyone want to get some sessions in during the weekday nights let me know. peace out

fuck street fighter!

3rd strike fOLYfe

so anyone else

ill play u in third strike…

If you want to play i will be there to night. im not the best but im ok in sf turbo. i play boxer, ryu and just about everyone.

sounds good to me. Just show up at regency and you can play me. I’m the loud skinny mexican dude always winning. The one that’s always stoned.:confused:

fo sho

im the newb that is ready to get his ass kicked. ready to learn sf3 tho. hopefully i can make it through some upcoming night this week, im the tall filipino kid with fro’ey black hair.