Regency vs. Super: Arcade Showdown(MVC2)


Team Super has a lot of players to choose from, but I have an idea of who would best represent the team.

do it

Regency’s up coming is better than super’s regulars but Bill+NSJ (Mike Ross, Taiji, Reset) =DONE CF and clock would have to be on regency to make it fair.

Hmmm…I think there should be a round robin tournament to find Super’s last player…

Yeah that should be you or Bryan Papa aka I fish for dhc for 99 secs.

i nominate calvin for team super

Oh good shit Robust. This sounds awesome. Shortterm and Dorian definately need to be on Team Regency.

Me/Bill/Magnus/Ace/Calvin will be the official team…and Orko as main alternate if one cant make it.

Dorian is too good with mag/im, I still like Magnus’ team CF moreso though.


:sad: I don’t think I’ve played Calvin before, but first four … jeebus.

Why not throw FFA into the mix? They have a lot of up and coming players as well. It’ll also establish who the best arcade is in SoCal.

In the last month I’ve visited FFA, Super Arcade, and Regency, and they all have great players.


michael and i should be visiting regency on thursday night

I understand that super has great players aside from bill/nsj, but you guys don’t even know about ricky. I’m not going to spoil the surprise. Just WAIT.

However you want to choose either teams, I am officially excited for this to go down,

It’s up to regency if they put combo/clock. I would think they’d pick the og regulars though, and maybe one of them to add extra boost.


i like super arcade over regency for up to $2


cant wait

you aren’t invited

wait…ffa would crush either arcade bet it…Me/Finesse/illan/Fanatiq/guy wong…free…o yes this would be a great intermission for my ffa tourney.

Pride and honor thats that rubillionaire shit. I doubt that regency team can get past guy wong/desert heat baby whoooooooooooooooooo!!!

i’d bet that