Regency vs. Super Part II: Last Man Standing

after super pulling off a close, hard-fought victory regency has been seeking revenge. 10-7, with mike ross catching fire winning that close match against jason (for those who were there and remember that changed the tide of the series). I think its time for the run back. Regency has improved a lot, can the same be said for super???Regency Ricky who went 0-2 is probably one of the best new players in so cali, but will that be enough to beat super’s star studded squadron??? Regency’s proposed squad:
Big Juan

I think big Juan has come up too, i forgot who was the 5th last time but juan has stepped it up.


do it

It’s actually Black Juan.

I nominate Clock to be on the team. Heard he has been hungry.

OH SHIT! you were on the team. mr. top 8 at evo west, i think you have an auto spot.

I heard clock can refly 8 times in one combo.

from full screen too

his sent is a bitch though

Naw, I wasn’t on the team last time. I haven’t been playing much either.

I think it should be Dorian,Rob,Jason,Clock,Jay. That team is beastly.

oh yeah it was regency Jay

I think we have some controversy for them spots…

lets see how long ppl stay humble now LOL

show em tah dick regency

I have several, legit questions I hope someone can answer…

  1. Is this ish really going down?
  2. If so, when?
  3. Is it at Regency again? If anything, I’d like to see this go down.

Heard that Clock guy is washed-up.

Trying to talk shit about someone without actually mentioning their name is still bad for your health. Especially coming from a pussy who would never play for money…


Seriously, I was just making fun of clock.

About the MM: If I thought I was going to lose, why would I put up money? I.E. I’ll put $10,000 on Jwong over anyone or Yipes over anyone [no stipulations].

lol DAMN.

Robust: Who’s going to represent the Super Arcade team?

I think it should be khaotic_one X 5 for both teams. He is the SICKEST!!! ARRRGGGGGGH!!!

Who wouldn’t want to watch the highest sentinel vs the highest sentinel?


lol this guy.

It was a serious question!

I was thinking of having a legit runback with the same 5 vs the same 5. However, things might have changed (maybe some players don’t play anymore). I don’t know that kind of info but i think it would be sick if it were the same 5 or at least the same core of players.

Last time it was:

Mike Ross

I think this one will be just as exciting. A lot of vets on team super

Black Juan deserves a chance to play. A scrub player would be a good variation.

Best team for regency: Rob, Dorian, Clock, BJuan/Jason*, Me/Msp master.:rock:

I think the people that I just named are best to represent because they show to regency more than west and jay. That is why, I did not mentioned West & Jay not because they’re not good enough.

*Jason hasn’t play much.

how many tournies have you won with msp?

lol yeah, all these self-props are kind of annoying. But anyways, I’m not sure how this whole thing is set up (thanks for the info tho, Robust), so I may want someone to replace me if this is really going down at Regency because I don’t play well outside of Super, I think other players might have a better chance than me.

However, if by any chance this might be held at Super, I’d gladly participate. I think I’ll wait and see how much more official this topic/thread gets after I get to know how the other 4 want to handle this.