Reggae Thread [POPCAAN edition]


So this thread serves the same purpose as the Rap thread, except people who post in this thread aren’t little wannabe ghetto boys (Lemme clear up the fact that I like Underground rap a lot, esp Tech N9ne and rap in other languages besides english, but I hate rap and hiphop in general).

Also to get the discussion starting, what do you guys think of how Reggae is evolving? I personally think modern Reggae is way more awesome than oldschool reggae. I’m not saying oldschool reggae is bad, I’m just saying I think Reggae is evolving for the better.

Good example of modern Reggae


EDIT: I know I posted Dancehall, but I edited now because I was high as hell when I made this thread yesterday and I ctrl+c the wrong list of music.



NOTE: Feel free to post reviews if there are any around. Also I’ll be posting news as often as possible.


Slight difference between Reggae and Dancehall dude.



Start it off in a funny way: Easy Star All Stars cover of Pink Floyd’s time. Heh, huge diff between dub, ska, reggae and dancehall.


I wanted to make a Dub/Ska/Dancehall/Reggae topic but I was waitin till I could compile a good list of music to start it off with. Anyway yea OP you posted Dancehall music man. That’s not Reggae.


Reel Big Fish - [media=youtube]AEKbFMvkLIc[/media]
Save Ferris - [media=youtube]nMiUmZ7u11E[/media]
No Doubt - [media=youtube]QtTj4cramPM[/media]

Sublime - [media=youtube]6oKxFSpZAno[/media]
Pepper - [media=youtube]_rXEoyNaXSg[/media]
Slightly Stoopid - [media=youtube]eaeu5c1rmyw[/media]

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - [media=youtube]z7n37GME3fw[/media]
Spring Heeled Jack Usa - [media=youtube]zWX5FdVmGhw[/media]
Goldfinger - [media=youtube]udUCjJphE-0[/media]


I know I posted Dancehall honest mistake.


Hmm…you post ska suggestions and neglect the Toasters ([media=youtube]pSo-_TavE1U]YouTube - The Toasters : Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down) and the Specials ([url=[/media]). Tsk Tsk. Checking out a couple of bands though, haven’t heard of Slightly Stoopid or Spring Heeled Jack.

By the way, if any of you guys get a shot at the Toasters live, they are 10 kinds of awesome; similarly with Less than Jake live. Pepper is awesome live but their fans in my city are halfway retarded. A good chunk of them were moshing insanely hard to ska and reggae with a very low skanking quotient since if you tried, a bunch of frat dudes were gonna wreck you.

On the local reggae part Border Roots: [media=youtube]B5zFYbHFDjc[/media], Reggae band in El Paso, Tx