Registered as "Tournament Only"


Since the Competitors Registration was sold out before I could pay for registration, I was forced to do a “Tournament Only” registration.

It says that we don’t get a badge – so, how are event officials supposed to determine who you are when you show up to a station for a match or at the event itself?


here’s an image of the registration page if people aren’t clear of what I’m talking about.

Am I not comprehending this correctly?


Your name will be on the bracket but you wont have a badge which means Come sunday you will not be able to be in the Ballroom when finals are being shown so you will be in the overflow room


well that sucks. I mean – for $80 bucks, it would’ve been nice to have a little memento of actually going besides a T-shirt. Could they have not just put little green (whatever color have you) circle sticker on the badges that are allowed to go on sundays, or vice versa…

oh well.


Register before the deadline next time…There ya go


The other passes were long sold out before deadline.


The original deadline was when all the passes sold out. So yeah. Register before the deadline.