Registration Fee?

A few of us were talking about Evo being on console and whatnot, and one question came up. Will Registration still be 20 dollars to enter and 10 dollars per game? I mean, since no machines will be used, will the Registration fee change? For a lot of people it’s kinda steep if it’s going to be on console. So i’m just wondering how much it’ll cost to enter Evo this year.


i agree… some high profile names here in i’ve talked to say they wouldn’t compete cuz its on consoles… they said something along the lines of “i’m not gonna pay 25 bucks to drive to CalPoly and play on a console, that’s just dumb” but they did say they would show up just to hang with the whole crowd… but i agree that the REG. fee this year should be lower…IMO…
but lower fee= lower top prize $…
or it could mean lower fee= more registered ppl…= more $… i dunno i suck in math:o

it shouldn’t matter if the registration fee is the same. if people are gonna fly in from east coast, japan, etc an extra 20 or so won’t mean much compared to the hundreds a trip would already cost. also we can assume that the money will go towards the site??? that can’t be a bad thing can it? 20 bucks wouldn’t mean much to an individual but think of what that 20 combined with everyone else’s registration fees would mean to the site, maybe the price of the dvd would be cheaper, etc . even if the cannons pocketed the money it shouldn’t really matter considering what srk has done for individuals and the fighting game community as whole.

$20 alone doesnt seem like much, but to play on console and to play multiple games and even multiple tournaments (side tournies in the BYOC area), it starts to add up. plus food, place to stay, plane ticket possibly.

good point about multiple games. my opinion is that the money would hopefully still go to something worthwhile relating to srk so registration fees would be justified.

There will still be a $20 registration fee to attend EVO. We’re investing in a lot more resources this year, including a whole second hall dedicated to free-play. You will need to register to be able to play in the free-play hall.

isnt a part of the reason for EVO being console to save money and time? yet the players have to pay the same $30 to enter one tournament? you guys save money by making this console, but we dont. because Im sure most of the TVs and console systems will be provided by the people. I appreciate you guys running this calibur of a tournament and all. but I have my own “theory” of what really is going on. my cousin is a professor at Cal Poly so I can find out how much it costs to rent out the room. I heard Wizard ranting about how the projector was stolen at EVO2K and they lost thousands. thats not our fault. one person out of thousands stole it. plus, its not our job to watch out for expensive equipment. thats your jobs. I cant comprehend you guys actually losing money by running this tournament. infact, I think quite the opposite. if registration fee covers you guys renting out the room, fine. but what about the bit over priced EVO dvds? t-shirts that sell like hotcakes? donations? you guys even sell bracket cards. dont get mad. this is just my opinion. Im sure some wonder and feel the same way but are just scared to let it out. Im just curious so much has been changed to save time and money, but who is saving money? certainly not the players entering.

Amen, Soo

screw the second hall. Free play at the hotel, or even outside in teh parking lot. Lower the prices, its a damn console tourney. Whatever it is though, i’ll still show my support for the community :).

To clarify, Evo isn’t switching to console to save money. We’re switching because it’s impossible to hold the kind of event we want to hold on arcade. For more information, please check my original post at .

The thing you have to ask yourself is “do I get my $30 worth at EVO?” I mean look at what you’re getting. You get to play in the biggest tournament in the world outside of Japan, against the best players in the world. And this year you’ll get a full weekend of free gaming against all kinds of different comp, not just the same guys from your area. Is that worth $30 to you? Personally I think it’s a hell of a deal.

Soo, answering your specific points, the rental rates at Pomona are up at Anyone can go take a look. We’re renting Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, from Thurs - Sun, around 16 hours each day, at “Rate C.” Also, we’re not mooching off of player TVs. Last year we rented 27" TVs for all games, and we’ll do at least that this year. EVO will not be “just a console tourney.” All the equipment and organization will be pro-caliber, which IMHO is BETTER than what we had last year (4 MVC2 cabinets shoved in a corner of the hall).

If anything $20 is lenient do the math

($165/hour to rent both rooms * 16 hours * 4 days) / 20$
means you need 528 unique people to register just to cover the room. Getting 528 unique people is a bit of a stretch so the rest would be made up for t shirt sales (i’m not sure how much t shirts cost but we bought a bunch for ecc and they cost $10 so figure it’s about the same). And that’s just to cover the room cost, not the tons of other expenses they incur, so I doubt they’re making any money. The Cannons always take a loss at first and probably don’t even break even between Evo/Srk but why do people constantly think they have some alterior motives for doing stuff or they’re trying to scam people when history has shown the complete opposite year after year?

soomighty is absolutely correct… and manny players in scene are showing their blas with the whole affair

ink ur whole point is based on ppl paying 30… but manny are playing 2…and more games… we would just like to know where in your accounts the extra 10 or 20 or 30 for more than 1 game are beign calculated…

unacceptable… why would be weend to register when we are all ready playing the same ppl in the tourney?
i tought the whole idea of the free play hall was to have a place where ppl who had to sit in the hall with nothing to do …go and have something to do this time?.. so we’re also paying to use that hall …ON consoles!?.. why would we want to do that when we can have just go down stair and just pay 25cents for cabinets… given a choice why would we choose consoles for more money?

I think you misunderstood my post. To play in the free play area, you have to be registered for Evo ($20). If you’re playing in a tournament, then you’ve already paid the registration fee, so the free-play room is completely free.

The registration fee is $20 per person. That money is used to rent the room, rent a/v equipment, rent Cal Poly personal, and pay for all the other costs of putting on the event.

The $10 per game fee goes right into the pot and is usually split 70/20/10 between the top 3 finishers in each tournament. We don’t keep any of that money.

So in your example where a person plays 3 games, they would have to pay $50 at registration, $30 of which would go back to the players in the form of prize money.

Yo Ink or Ponder, I realize this is a lil’ off topic but a bunch of folks are wondering if Cal poly is going to have the shops down stairs open this time around. Those people with the cart were cool but it would be dope if they kept the shops open for drinks and stuff. They could make a killing.

WOW, im trying 2 contain some anger seeing the fact im still going 2 this tournament but im gonna put this down anyway… Im gonna take some words from the People that are running Evo.

1st word: “BIGGER” hmmmm ok, i like that Idea, But what is bigger about it… The second hall of console… wow ok thanks i guess. But we still play $20 to get in that and most people won’t spend more then that in the Arcade thats already there!!! you gotta be real here, If you wanted it bigger, how about adding some fucking games, Its the same game list from last year. Only 2 things that might be bigger is 1. that you can probably add twice as many console scrubs, but don’t forget 2 take away the fact that half the Great arcade players aren’t gonna show up because its on console. 2. belive it or not SRK, nobody is buying this crap your not making more money off this, your probably gonna cut you cost down in 1/2 switching from arcades to Consoles, so sell that shit of " we not making more money off this thing 2 some 1 else cuz we are not dumb, but hey i can’t hate on you guys either cuz im out 2 make money 2 and i’ll take it how i can get it.

2nd word: “BETTER” hmmm, Depends on who you ask, Im not gonna get into 2 the battle of Arcade vs Console because i don’t care either way, If you got the skills, it shouldn’t matter what you are playing on as long as you got the working equipment. “yes im talking 2 the marvel players two” Its all about prefrence 2 some people and i know SRK can’t control that. But the here’s the $64,001 question, who is this better 4, What would be better if you guys actually had some damn food around the place, I ordered a couple pizzas large pizzas that only cost me $18, but from ppl around me, They were so damn hungry, i sold slices of pizza for $3 a peice and i sold 14 slices total, the best part about it is, i had no intention of selling anything. It was 4 me and the rest of team Portland. you got some hungry ass ppl there if you got people williing 2 buy a small slice of pizza 4 $3. damn shame huh.

3rd and 4th word: “TIME SAVING” Ok SRK, you finnaly got 1 this time. but half of it was your own fault. The biggest delays were having 2 switch from American 2 Japanese style cabinets every 2 mathes. Somebody tell me y the Japanese can’t play on what we play on, They seem 2 be kicking our ass just fine in the hotel room using our equipment. and the other half of it is the wait on People that you play if you happen 2 play somebody thats a name in that game. I had 2 play Ghengis first in CvS2 in the first pool and we here the first match. I had 2 wait almost over 25 mintues just 2 get our match started. Nothing against him because maybe it wasn’t his fault but damn thats a long time, they were playing the losers bracket by the time we had our match. But hey i was running 2 mintues late 4 super turbo and they almost had me DQ’d, Common now let have everybody here follow the rules no matter who the are and maybe the tournament would run on time.

As far as that regisration fee goes, your tellen me yall couldn’t cut it by at least $5. :lol: damn shame, but you guys said its not about money


What games would you add? Maybe A3, otherwise what other games are worth playing? 2nd evo has always had the registration fee, its not like they’re adding it because of the free play area. 3rd I can’t understand what you are saying because you type like an autistic 2 year old but I’ll give it a shot, they said its not about the money, its about making it a good event, 3 machines per game is not what they want. How is food a real issue? If you could order pizza, anyone else could right? Its not SRKs fault that everyone is lazy. As for the last part, sounds somewhat reasonable though I cant speak out of experience, and the entry fee, you tellin me $5 is really a difference?..

And it seems so rediculous for someone from Cali to say that $30 is too much, if you don’t want to go to the centerpiece of our scene because of $30, then you shouldn’t be a part of the scene, and are a traitor.

Seeing that all i know about you is that you spend alot of time just hating and being mad at other people cuz you have no life and suck at games, Im not really gonna take you seriously, cuz your a fucking nobody. No other game worth playing huh? thats your fucking opionion. and that still dosen’t count 4 much. And yes $5 might be a difference ass. and i said atleast that as suggestion dick but yet your kinda slow so illl let it go.

P.S. most people don’t want fucking pizza the enitre fucking weekend dick, i was just saying what was there.