Registration is now closed, see you in Vegas, pools should be out Tuesday

Pools should be available tuesday.

Things are strict this year. I think the order will be nice to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Yeah, any reason for the newer stricter rules? Not saying it’s a bad thing, just wanted to know whats up and if anythings going on. Of course if it’s a surprise then we’ll just have to wait.

To make things run more smoothly.

Register and get a $10 discount on your registration cost!! Only $30 to register, plus $10 for each tournament.

ok, but…

The cost of registration will rise to $50 to enter, plus $10 for each tournament.

Proof that the only math you need to play street fighter is counting how many rounds you won.

does that mean we HAVE to pay online?

I’m 99999.99 percent sure that’s a yes. It was already said plenty of times after last year’s Evo that emergency reg is done. If you don’t register online…you better really like Guilty Gear cuz you won’t be playing any Evo games. Considering things don’t suddenly change and everyone has to pay just to get in. I’m sure there’ll be special accomodations made for the 5 people here that don’t have a computer/internet access/PayPal and/or bank account etc.

How does this work for the Japanese though? :o Then again, I was never quite sure how they paid.

They developed internet in Japan late last year. They’ll be able to pay.

I thought the same thing. While I’m sure they’re capable of paying online, if they didn’t do so is someone honestly going to tell a BAS or a Tokido “thanks for flying across the world, sorry can’t help you?” If the exception is made for overseas attendants, it opens up a pretty ugly pandoras box as it concerns discriminating aginst the domestic players.


no it doesn’t, everyone here can clearly read english and lives in the us if they don’t pay it’s their problem

You’re advocating one group be SOL while the other be exempted. That’s the exact discrimination I originally pointed out.


Why would they come without registering? If I go to Tougeki without knowing I had to qualify, are they going to give me a spot too?

In the past players have also been able to register by mail, so if that stays it’s another option.

FMJ; it doesn’t answer my question though. If it did happen, what’s protocol? Does administration really turn away an overseas player?

I’m sure it’s really simple for them considering, you know, they all speak English.

paypal autoconverts currency. i’m sure there are sites out there that translate from english to japanese. are you guys seriously this retarded:wtf:

Try using a machine translation to convert Japanese to English and let me know how much you can comprehend from the translation. I can’t believe you just called me retarded when you just made yourself look retarded.

I was under the impression that the Japanese that come every year do on site registration since it’s easier for them overall. I have no idea how popular paypal is in Japan, and who knows how many of the Japanese that plan on coming use it.

Diablo and I were just asking a simple question.

I’m sure the question isn’t whether Japanese people can pay or not, it’s what happens if they show up without doing so.

But this is why they gave like 5 months notice so they can avoid hypothetical situations like this.