Regular A3 players?

I just started playing on Kaillera this week, and I’ve been on both Anti3D and GodWeapon quite a bit. I never really played SFA3 prior to this (just got played against the computer some), so I’m still new to the game, though it’s entirely possible I’ve played some people from here in the process.

Anyways, I just was curious as to who here plays A3, so I know who to look out for if I want to get my ass toasted.

All i play is sfa3 and a bit of sfa2, lb2, kof2k2
kailera name: Gatsby

I play sfa3 most of the time

my user name is HeaTBlazn

i play on a regular basis

username: Oni-Kun

You should go to Anti3D when GodWeapon is down Oni.
Still haven’t taken you on in LB.

I am Santos :stuck_out_tongue:

Post on the Neo Arcadia forums Santos. Rr still needs to have his match with you for that Last Blade 2 tourney.

I play whenever im high and have a working pad.

on there all the time…: Phil Sifu


SFA3 Anyone???

btw i hope to play Rr tonight :slight_smile:

im on too :stuck_out_tongue: well been been playing lot more cvs2 locally, but sfa3 only thing i play online.