Regular comics for $3.99?

Just looking through the latest market share…

X-Men #200, World War Hulk #1 and plenty of others are regular price 4 bucks? How do people still buy comics? I remember when Marvel’s price jumped from 1.00 to 1.25 with the thicker comics at 1.50. Hell, for the price of two comics you can now buy a tpb

I remember when comics were .60 and they jumped up to .65, then .75 and then $1.00 each. It wasn’t so bad then, but I agree, $4.00 per comic is absurd. I stopped buying comics more than 5 years ago because even the $2 and $3 comics were getting to be too much. I wait until the TPB comes out and pick it up that way.

Mostly impatience plus the Marvel/DC hype machine. I just want to know what happens today instead of waiting for the TPB to come out and having everything spoiled/ruined for me by that time.

The higher comics go in price the more monthlies I wind up dropping, unconsciously or consciously. Things seem to work themselves out for the most part. There’s lots of weeks where hardly nothing you want comes out either. The last 2 weeks of a month for comics tend to suck, usually the first 2 weeks is where most of the golden stuff comes out.

Oh and whenever you have spent up to 100 bucks at Midtown Comics (they have an account where they keep track of all the books you buy there) they give you 20 bucks off your next purchase. A few comic shops do that. Hey it’s something and it certainly helps out some weeks. :sweat:

yeah, midtown comics is the shiznit. i love going to the store, in general.

but, i had to stop getting my monthlies because my parents were like “dude, you spend way too much money.” :tdown:

TPBs are a godsend.

Since I started collecting comics ‘recently’(within the past 2 years), the price never really bothered me none. But since I’m still pissed about gas being up to like 3 bucks when only several years ago it was only 1.30, I can relate.

Inflation FTL. TPB FTW.

Even TPBs are slowly becoming a little bit more expensive. The first four volumes of Punisher MAX were 14.99 but the last three have been 15.99. Even hardcovers seem to be getting more expensive. The first Runaways HC collected all 18 issues and it was only 35. Now the Planet Hulk HC is 40 bucks and I don’t think it’s as many pages as the Runaways v.1 HC.

The Annihilation HCs are just over $30, tax included. But they collect a good amount of stuff.

Annihilation > anything else Marvel’s got out right now

and most new tpb’s/hardcovers you can get 35% off from online sellers

How about subscriptions?

Do the comics arrive at your mailbox so late that it’s not worth it?