Regular Events?


Met some of you in Lynnwood a month or so ago. Adam and I are planning on driving down from Bellingham more regularly to play in Seattle.

Since we dont know the scene to well down here to well just yet I wanted to ask which of the get-togethers were the ones we definitely shouldn’t miss. And which ones we would be welcome to.

We want to try to come to as many as we can,


1st and 3rd sundays, casual barfights if you’re 21+

find the threads, i’m feeling lazy…

You guys are in bellingham? Do you know N_Paul (Nate) and Gogandantes34 (Justin) yet? If not, you should get in touch, 'cause having comp in the area and thinking you’re alone sucks.

Call of Duty, nightly.

Hey, what’s going on? I’m from Bham too. What game’s are you talking about? I only play MvC2 on PSN.

Thursday nights at Gameworks for SF4 generally.