Regular Messiah Kick viability in AEv2012



With mk. Messiah Kick getting a slight buff in AE2012 how much more viable is Messiah Kick as an anti-projectile solution, if at all? I’ve never really used it and I’ve only seen Justin use it in the Sagat matchup. Would the buff only affect that matchup slightly?

My second question would be how can Capcom change messiah kick to make it an actual good move in terms of frame data/move properties?


I still think it’s not a good special unless EX; it’s easily stuffed and generally slow; it’s not good for getting around projectiles especially against Guile who recovers quickly. Larger attack box possibly and it might see general use; we have Tornado to get around projectiles and even lk Snake for point-blank projectiles on wakeup.


I use it all the time… Short Messiah in certain mix ups and Roundhouse Messiah as a " WTF HE CAN FLY??? "


Which mixups would you use Short Messiah? For Roundhouse Messiah you mainly use as a mindfuck or troll or something?


I use each essiah for dif reasons. I use roundhouse at the start of a match on certain people like guile or sagat to punish instant fireballs, sometimes I do it to get in right away, I use short messiah in footsies to punish overzealous cr forward people

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LK Messiah after a HP GT goes over shoto cr.forwards.
St.FP into LK Messiah is a goofy frame trap.


Yeah I occasionally use Regular Messiah Kick to beat out some normals or maybe even grabs if I read it