Regular thrown out of Gigas Slam



I had this happen to me earlier.
My guess is I attempted the Gigas slam too early as they were getting up. Otherwise, I dont think this is physically possible.
But I was quite surprised seeing the Super art freeze, the lil flashy effects, then see Hugo go flying from Ryu’s standard throw.
But I had revenge after I landed a meat squasher with timing so perfect, he did a shinkuu hadouken and I grabbed him before it officially came out or some such.


Hyper bomb needs a moment to connect officially.
Hence if im not doing anything and standing next to you. You do it, I relaxingly hold up, SA pause finishes, I jump.
Whereas Hugos you cant. Which I always loved how in the arcade people started bashing up on their stick, and saying "I held up! wtf?!"
I didnt bother informing him about it. Everyone thinks it works like Alex’s.
Hell, in Alpha3 my friend perfected throwing Akuma during a raging demon. Mean shizzit. He comes at you, TOSS.
Always annoying.


you did gigas too early :wink: hugo’s invincible until after he grabs. ryu’s throw is only 2 frame start-up, so it probably went past your eye…


yeah, it’s possible to throw Hugo out of Gigas Breaker. The window you can do it is really really really small, but it’s possible.


you sure? since i’ve been masturbating to frame data left and right, i’ve learned that hugo’s gigas is a 4 frame start-up and 2 frame grab window – he’s invincible during all 6 frames, so any throws would not grab him out of gigas…:o

…unless of course, the gigas was performed too early and his invincibility is over [his grab has already came]. :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: The GB has 1 frame of startup, 1 frame to hit. For comparison, the Shinshoryuken has 2 frames of startup, 1 frame to hit.


nah – what i wrote was right. if it was in the dreamcast version, it’d be 5 frame start-up, 1 frame to grab.


it’s been my experience that if you initiate the throw right before hugo’s gigas start-up you throw hugo out of the gigas.

on a related note, akuma’s ddd 2p super can be thrown sometime in the middle of his animation (right before he slams his hand down) and not before teh start-up.


Yeah I once was thrown out of Q’s Double Deadly Blow, which surprised me. I was under the impression that that beat out just about everything.


david – i still don’t believe that is possible at all – once hugo does the gigas, nothing will hit him until after his grab frames. he’s INVINCIBLE. so is akuma during his KKZ.

ultra…david (two davids? lol) – Q is only invincible up until the point where he grabs. i guess regular throws will have priority over his grab :smiley: yay Q sucks0rs! :stuck_out_tongue:


According to the frame data at, for the dreamcast:

Move Name Gigas Breaker
Motion 720 + Punch
Start-Up 1 frame
Hit 1 frame
Recovery 36 frames
Blocked Advantage -

Gouki is not invincible during the KKR. I have ben jabbed out of the super by Yang.


karathrow doesn’t have it in the normal fashion.

StreakVR (12:19:47 AM): 5 frames of startup and the oponnent is frozen for 4 frames

as for akuma’s KKZ, i dunno what happened in your case, but he’s invincible every time i use it – frame data also supports this.


To my knowledge, Gigas cannot be thrown out of…

Supers I have seen gettin thrown out of : Ken’s SA3, Yang’s SA2.


a lot of so-called “invincible” moves are still vulnerable to throws. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you how easy it is to throw Chun-Li out of SA2. Hell, I have a trick where I can Gigas Chun-Li from half a screen away.


that’s because they’re only invincible for a number of frames. there’s no such thing as “invincible except can get hit by throws” – your example is misinformed, because chun li isn’t invincible during her SA2. the fact that she travels through fireballs is because her hitbox doesnt touch the fireball. why don’t you try shinshoryuken vs sean’s basketball? or even srk parried cancel super FB, throw them. you become invincible for a number of frames during a successful throw too.


…please…stop talking about frames…


nooooo…NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR – frames are my lovers! :smiley:


obviously, this is just a case of the “have and have nots.” i’ve been thrown out of and threw people out of the gigas many times. i’ve also been hit out of akuma’s ddd 2p countless times. i said this once and i’ll say it again. to throw hugo out of gigas activate the throw before gigas. for akuma, tap throw during the interval where he raises his hands and before he smacks it on the ground.

and exodus, don’t reply with references to the frame data crap. if you do just quote yourself and we all will understand what you’re going to say.

ultradavid… you make me look bad


can you make a vid or reference me to a vid so i can see it for myself? i can’t seem to get it done myself.

and we all know how i keep ranting about frame data…truth of the matter is – that’s what governs 3S’s entire hit system. just because i point it out because i know it and want you to know it, doesn’t mean you should disregard it just because i go against your word. kinda ignorant don’t you think?


Explain this with frames.

Ken is right beside Hugo. Hugo does his Gigas while Ken begins to dash forward (his knees are already bent slightly, signaling the beginning of the dash). Normally, according to, Ken’s dash is grounded during the entire duration. It has a startup of 1 frame. Knowing that Hugo’s Gigas comes out in 1 frame…logic tells you that Ken’s fucked.

But no, Ken dashes through the Gigas.

Just one of those things that can not be explained with frames.